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    Dell 15th gen servers with 3rd party ssd drives

    What issues are you seeing? We've mostly used SAS drives so far.
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    What kind of Adapter from 2,5" HDD to a 3,5" Caddy?

    These will work fine. Screws are standard caddy screws - they are not specific to the adapter.
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    Dell 15th gen servers with 3rd party ssd drives

    I am running AMD 15th Gen rather than Intel from Dell ( R6525, R7515) and have had no issue with 3rd party enterprise drives (Samsung, WD/HGST, and Intel.) The only thing I find are no auto firmware update through lifecycle controller, sometimes the lights are bit different on the caddy - may...
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    Have you tried seachest with --fastFormat 1 --formatUnit 512 --confirm I-understand-this-command-will-erase-all-data-on-the-drive per
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    To confirm, is it in IT mode? (It should be if it is a true HBA, not just a RAID card in JBOD mode) Which HBA?
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    USB to SSD and NVME

    Were both drives 512 format? What was the USB formatted as? Same file system on both destination drives? How was the NVME connected - U.2, pcie slot? My first guess - drive format and file system. Second guess - SATA overhead / DMA for NVME.
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    Try this sudo sg_format -v --format --size=512 --six /dev/sg8 from -6, --six Use 6 byte variants of MODE SENSE and MODE SELECT. The default action is to use the 10 byte variants. Some MO...
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    Dell PSU error lights?

    For future reference, the diagnostic light codes are described just above the wattage on the large label. Take a look, you should see it there :)
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    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98

    If anyone needs the full instructions - the following was performed on a Dell R6525 with HBA355 (but any HBA should work) using an Ubuntu 20.04 live disk. First install smartmontools and sg3-utils: sudo apt install smartmontools sudo apt install sg3-utils Confirm you have the right drive...
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    Does Dell R730xd support GPU?

    The Dell spec sheet is correct in so far as this is not a validated thermal configuration. I can confirm that the GPU power headers are on the risers, and that there is a enough room for a double-wide and single wide card. The issue is airflow. In the validated configurations, the GPU kit has...
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    [WTS] 3.2TB Samsung PM1725b NVMe SSD

    Were are you located in Canada? Are these HP branded or Samsung branded?
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    CPU compatibility, looks like I shot myself in the foot

    Have you updated the bios - that is, do you have the newest micro-code for the CPU? I'd look to that before the onboard CPU graphics. Chances are the circuitry to even route the onboard CPU graphics to the VGA plug are not present. That is the case on many Dell servers - the actual graphics is...
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    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98

    Generally in LSI / Broadcom /Avago language this is a card running IT or "initiator target" firmware. For Dell this would be an HBA330, which is different from say running a Dell H330 with IR firmware in JBOD "just a bunch of drives" mode. Luckily many cards can be cross-flashed. See here...
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    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98

    Did anyone have any luck with this - specifically sg_write_buffer? The man pages are pretty well flushed out, but not exactly prescriptive.
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    ZFS and # of drives question

    9 sector multiple block size is the most efficient, yes - but I wouldn't stress too hard about it. Remember that you can still have fragmentation based on your block size and lose efficiency there. As a rule of thumb, I'd pick a block size that is a power of 2 (at least 8) and aligns most...
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    ZFS and # of drives question

    I'd say this is the definite answer wrt storage efficiency. Note that setting a small recordsize with 4KB sector devices results in universally poor space efficiency -- RAIDZ-p is no better than p-way mirrors for recordsize=4K or 8K. The strongest valid recommendation based on exact fitting of...
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    25gbe sfp28 adapter for Dell r430?

    You can adjust the fan response for 3rd party cards. See and...
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    Cellular LTE modem/router for middle of nowhere.

    I can't speak to Verizon or Sprint per se, but be aware of CGNAT if you need ports open / forwarded.
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    Deal Dead - Dell Canada - Dell R740 2 x Xeon Gold 5218R 64GB $2378.20 $CAD

    To answer your question, I was playing with configuring a server. Dell is a strange beast - you have to try all kinds of combos and sometimes a good one pops out. I don't have much advice except to play around with the configs. Generally Dell refreshes their offerings every Thursday. Alas, I...