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    Delete me!

    Deleted and moved to existing FS post
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    Compellent FS8600 worth in a lab?

    I have been seeing a few of these pop up here and there. Unfortunately unlike their JBOD chassis - these seem to be full SAN setups running FluidFS. My question is - other than assuming these need Dell branded drives - what else would I be missing to get this running as a SAN or enclosure? Or...
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    [FS][US-SC] Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen2

    Call this the “my dog got sick and cost me a ton of money” sale. I bought this X1E2 in July with a 3 year accidental damage warranty. Full specs and warranty info are in the pics linked below. Includes a second AC adapter, Ethernet dongle, and a nice “leather” sleeve for the laptop to stay as...
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    WTS: Dell Latitude 5480 and WD15 Dock (No longer for sale)

    Up for sale is a Dell Latitude 5480 that has served me well and has been used but not abused. I bought it as a corporate surplus - and was able to get the warranty transferred to me. Laptop has a June 2018 build/ship date and warranty expires SEP 15 2021. The specs are: Core i5-7440HQ 16GB RAM...
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    My "simple" AIO server

    I started my life in IT as self-learning and side-projects, with a Dell R710 being a crown jewel of my lab at the time. When I moved I sold the server and downsized to a small PC as a server and a Drobo for RAID storage. But the itch has returned - and even working in a data center hasn't...
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    Quiet NAS oriented case for oddball board?

    Current hardware: I have a Supermicro X10SLH-LN6TF with Xeon E3-1241 v3, 32GB RAM, Perc H200 (to be flashed to IT mode), and Quadro P620 all going into this setup along with 5x 4TB drives (and will be buying 3 more minimum). Hardware needs to fit into the chassis since I do not want to buy MORE...
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    GPU Passthrough in Proxmox

    This might be something discussed before - but I have gone through every corner of the internet looking for answers including here. I have a Dell T1700 SFF with the following specs: Core i7-4790, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Quad-port gigabit NIC, Quadro P620 Attached to that is a Drobo 5D with 5x 4TB...
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    (US-Dallas TX) Dell C1100 lots of 5

    This popped up on my typical searches. They are long in the tooth now by the Xeon E5 standards now - but for $150 for 5 servers with 72GB RAM each... almost worth picking up for just the RAM! Only catch seems to be you need to be able to arrange local pick-up in Dallas TX. Thought I'd pass on...
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    ATX case for LGA1366 build

    I'm trying to make a QUIET and tower-based server for my house, which I am hoping to keep on a budget as well. Right now I have: Supermicro X8DTL-3F motherboard 2x Intel L5639 CPU 24Gb DDR3 10600 ECC RAM 5x WD Se 3Tb drives 4 port Intel i350 NIC IBM M1015 HBA I want to put it all together into...
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    Help me build a low-power server!

    As the title says - I am running around in circles trying to decide how to build my next server. My requirements for myself are: 1) Low power (Xeon-D is definitely on the menu) 2) Must be able to run ESXI or Hyper-V 3) Must be able to take my existing 5x 3Tb WD Se drives (with space to grow) 4)...
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    Career expansion advice for a "jack of all trades"

    I have loved this forum from the minute I discovered it, and learn something new every time I come here. To give a brief background, I was a Navy electronics technician for 6 years where I worked on weapons and targeting systems among other equipment. My "main job" was to troubleshoot, maintain...
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    FS: Dell R710 dual hex-core L5639 loaded

    I listed this over the past summer with my laptop I am clearing out of my house - in hopes to make room for some new projects and book money to return back to school. The specs are copied out of my previous posting: -2x Intel L5639 6-core processors -24Gb ECC DDR3 RAM -PERC H700 with good...
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    FS: Thinkpad T440p with ultra dock (attempt 2)

    I posted this over this past summer, however had to make a move out-of-state for family and work reasons. I now am putting everything back up for sale. The Thinkpad was purchased back in December 2013, and warranty has JUST expired on it if I remember correctly. However, a call to Lenovo will...
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    FS: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE

    I was using this as a HTPC for some time, but have no need for it anymore. Comes with 4Gb RAM installed, 64Gb SSD, and an Intel Wireless-N card (system is wiped, cannot recall specific model at this moment) Asking $225 shipped. Do not have the VESA mount for it anymore.
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad T440p with Ultra Dock

    Part of my "spring cleaning", I have my Thinkpad T440p up for sale. It is the model with the Full HD display. -Core i7-4700MQ -8Gb RAM -240Gb Mushkin SSD -Smartcard/CAC card reader -Fingerprint sensor Also comes with the Ultra Dock and a second AC adaptor (a 130w for the dock and a 90w for the...
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    FS: Dell R710 2x L5639 24Gb RAM H700 and more

    It's time for the overdue spring cleaning - and I am ready to downscale my home server to something more energy efficient (and easier to maintain by myself and my wife) for our growing family. 1) Dell R710 - $2400 shipped -2x Intel L5639 6-core processors -24Gb ECC DDR3 RAM -PERC H700 with good...
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    All-in-one server using Hyper-V

    Hello all, I lurk here on the regular and on /r/homelab on reddit to gain new insight into my lab... this is one time I think I need to ask for help though. I currently have a Dell R710 that has dual L5639, 48Gb RAM, PERC H710, and I currently have 2x Intel 520 SSDs, and 5x WD Se 3Tb drives (4...
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    Dell CS24-TY (C1100) BIOS update question

    I have been running a Dell CS24-TY (known as the C1100) for the past year. It has some VERY old BIOS and BMC firmware on it, which I wanted to update. Mostly for more stability (seeing a good handful of QPI errors) and for hopefully better BMC functionality. I seem to be running S993A14 BIOS and...
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    Dell C1100 BIOS and virtualization?

    I am pretty new here, and currently deployed - but I have been lurking about for a while trying to find some answers. I bought a CS24-TY when they first started hitting eBay - currently it is overseas with me, being used as a "morale server" where we stream movies, share files, and host a few...