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    E5-2640v1 to?

    Hi all, My lab/NAS/Firewall setup currently consists of a Cisco C220 m3 and an Intel S2600gz system sold under the Penguin Relion badge (running stock Intel bios). Both have been rock solid stable with E5-2640v1 processors and IIRC 48gb of ram per. Both are running ESXi 6.7 and I have my...
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    FS: Brocade ICX7250-24

    Seller shipped me a non PoE unit instead of the PoE unit listed in the ad (He apparently had a stack of them). I accepted a partial refund in place of a replacement. I'll do any testing you request prior to shipping but I haven't used the switch, I don't want to swap out my current ToR switch...
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    [W] Brocade ICX6610-24P

    Title says it. I can deal with either exhaust config. Let me know what you've got! Best, Nathan
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    WTB ICX 6610-24P

    Title says it. Anyone have one they're willing to part with? I know I've been a ghost here since signing up in 2017 but you can check my feedback in homelabsales and hardware swap with the same username over at Reddit. :)