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    M.2 SATA SSD > 2TB?

    What am I missing? I see lots of M.2 4Tb NVMe SSDs available. TIA.
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    Canada Newegg: Intel 535 480GB SATA 3 SSD $C170 (today only) "Shell Shocker". Link: Intel 535 Series 2.5" 480GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SSDSC2BW480H6R5 -
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    Canada GIGABYTE i5 SFF-PC, $340. Today only - Newegg.

    A (Canada) Shell Shocker special. Today only: GIGABYTE GB-BXi5H-5200-BN (rev. 1.0) 2 x 204Pin SO-DIMM Intel HD Graphics 5500 Black Mini-PC Barebone - Tweaktown review (Rating: 92%): GIGABYTE BRIX s BXi5H-5200 Ultra Compact Mini PC Review
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    Ubuntu 16.04: OVS + DPDK much improved

    STHers interested in testing Open vSwitch (OVS) + DPDK might want to consider testing on Ubuntu 16.04 (OVS 2.5/DPDK 2.2). Intel's testers found this combination to be much improved over Ubuntu 15.10: Using Open vSwitch* with DPDK on Ubuntu* | Intel® Developer Zone 16.04 is scheduled for...
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    New SDN programming and automation book

    I stumbled across a new SDN programming and automation book STHers might want to look into: "Next-Generation Network Engineering Skills - Scott's Weblog - The weblog of an IT pro specializing in virtualization, networking, open source, and cloud computing" Looks promising. I'm not sure why...
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    HP ML310e server: $250 (Canada)

    A base model but a great price: HP ProLiant ML310e G8 v2 4U Micro Tower Server - 1 x Intel Core i3 i3-4150 3.50 GHz - John Treble Ottawa, Canada
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    Xeon X5687s: $150 New (Ebay)

    Probably not news to most but I was shocked today to see new Xeon X5687s going for $150 on Ebay. John Treble Ottawa, Canada
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    WTB: Used LSI 9201-16i

    Title says it all. Must be willing to ship to Canada.
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    OpenZFS launches September 17th 2013

    In case anyone missed it:
  10. J HP N54L Microserver: $239.99 (US only)

    Monday Special: seems like a deal (unfortunately for some, US only): HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer Server System AMD Turion II Model Neo N54L 2GB 250GB LFF Operating System None 704941-001 Limit 1 per customer. $239.99 With Promo Code: EMCYTZT4194 After $50 MIR with Free Shipping!
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    QUES: ConnectX-2 VPI MLNX_WinOF package for Windows 8 Hyper-V?

    I've asked this question on the Mellanox Community forums (QUES: is there a ConnectX-2 VPI MLNX_WinO... | Mellanox Interconnect Community) but nobody (including Mellanox Support) seems to know the answer: is there a ConnectX-2 VPI MLNX_WinOF package for Windows 8 (for use with Hyper-V)...
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    Microsoft is retiring the TechNet Subscription service ...

    Got the email from Microsoft moments ago.
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    QUES: **Quiet + Cheap** 10GbE switch?

    The Netgear XS708E is too loud to put in my office. Has anyone come across anything that is (i.) "workstation quiet", (ii.) < USD $1K and (iii.) can be configured with 4@10GbE ports?
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    Intel 10 GbE NIC in HP Microserver?

    Yet another stupid question: has anyone tried to install an Intel 10 GbE NIC in an HP Microserver (any version - e.g., N36L, N40L, N54L, Gen8 ...)? John Treble Ottawa, Canada
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    QUES: Direct HBA-to-HBA connection possible?

    Question: can I directly connect (server chassis <-> disk chassis) two 8-port HBAs (i.e., not use an expander in the disk chassis)? I will only have 8 HDD in the disk chassis. John Treble Ottawa, Canada
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    Where can I get a **very quiet** JBOD enclosure custom built?

    I'm looking to have a **very quiet** JBOD enclosure custom built for me (original post: Looking for a **very quiet** rackmount/rackmountable JBOD enclosure). I have neither the time, interest nor ability to do this myself. Are there builders on the STH forums, the SPCR forums or elsewhere...
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    Solaris-based OSs as iSCSI initiators?

    Question: can Solaris-based OSs (e.g., OpenIndiana ...) act as iSCSI initiators to other Solaris-based iSCSI storage targets on other nodes? I'm curious. John Treble Ottawa, Canada
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    Looking for a **very quiet** rackmount/rackmountable JBOD enclosure

    I need help finding a **very quiet** rackmount/rackmountable JBOD enclosure. Something as quiet as a workstation (I work with a 14U rack right beside me). It needs to support the following: - JBOD (I will use this for ZFS-based storage) - SAS host in/out (i.e., SFF-8088) expander - 24 @ 6 Gb/s...