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  1. axavio

    How long does it take to lose the "New Member Badge:

    I have been posting for years and it still says "New Member". What does it take to get Active Member?
  2. axavio

    [Sold] Lot of 2 Intel X550-T2 10 GBe

    Everyone else is having an early Black Friday sale, so I guess I can join in. This is for 2 used (but in excellent condition) Intel X550-T2 10 Gbe NICs. Despite my efforts, I just can't find a real use case for these in my home network. Before I drop these babies on ebay, I wanted to give...
  3. axavio

    GPU with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus?

    GPUs don't seem to be mentioned in the Gen 10 Plus Ultimate Customization Guide or anywhere else on the interwebs. Maybe the usual option is go with a CPU with an iGPU? In any case, I thought I would try out a dedicated GPU. HPE does offer a branded version of a Radeon WX 2100, but it is old...
  4. axavio

    "USB 3.2 Gen 1/Gen 2 devices can only be used for data storage only"?

    I am trying to add my Windows 10 PC to my small 2.5Gbe network, using the Plugable 2.5Gbe to USB C dongle. It works at advertised speeds between my Mac Mini and a Proxmox Server according to iperf3. But it is only getting 1.2ish GB/sec on the Windows machine. I updated drivers, switched USB...
  5. axavio

    One port short?

    Maybe it's poor planning on my part, but it seems that I frequently run into the situation where I need "just one more port" on a switch. So that got me wondering. Is there a name for this networking phenomenon? We have Murphy's Law and Moore's Law. Is there a "law" that states something like...
  6. axavio

    (Sold)[FS][US-CA]Pair of TMM Nodes Dell 7060 i7-8700T 32GB RAM 500GB M.2 NVME SSD No Wifi Windows 10 Pro $775 for both

    I have decommissioned a couple of TinyMiniMicro nodes from my homelab Proxmox setup and would like to sell them as a pair. I thought I would give the STH community first dibs before flogging them on eBay. $775 for both of these powerful little critters. Paypal. UPS shipping within US included...