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    Dell H310

    I don't know if this is a great deal, but it is a deal nonetheless, it might be useful to someone needing a spare or just getting started :) The seller has them listed at $34.91 (US) / $46 (CAD) or best offer, plus shipping, and had 2 left at the time of my posting this. The seller accepted an...
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    Maybe I'm just getting old...

    It seems like lately everything I get involved with falls apart. I had a couple of disks fail at home, losing my redundancy from a rather large ZFS raidz2 pool. No problem I thought, I can still pull the data off in a degraded state while I wait on replacements. Nope, it wasn't to be, 10 mins...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a cracking year ahead, slainte mhath! :D
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    WTB 2 x E5-2670 SR0KX

    Looking for a couple of chips, I will take them singly if I must, but would prefer a single transaction to keep shipping costs under control. Looking to pay around $90-95 ea plus shipping to Canada. PM me with what you have available folks :)
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    Anyone had a play with NSX-T yet?

    I had heard of it, but never really gave it much thought tbh. This morning I tripped over yet another article on it while looking for information on something else, that brought it back into focus. I started reading a little overview about it all. It looks both interesting and complicated. It's...
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    Install IPMIView 2 on Debian/ Ubuntu

    pricklypunter submitted a new resource: Install IPMIView 2 on Debian/ Ubuntu - Build a Supermicro IPMIView 2.0 Debian Package Read more about this resource...
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    WTB: RAM, Heatsinks, E5-26xx CPU's

    Hey guys, in a moment of complete madness, I bought a SM X9DRD-7LN4F board yeah! Then the reality of what I done began to sink in. So here I am with my begging bowl :D I'm looking for 128GB of RAM (16x8GB, 2R4, 10600R, ECC), a couple of CPU's (E5-2665/2670) and a couple of SM heatsinks...
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    A rainy day project - Warning PIC Heavy!!

    Ok, so as some of you may know, I don't always take the obvious or easy route to solving problems. Sometimes this is out of necessity, and other times I do this just for some fun when I'm bored. Either way, here goes with another one of my crazy meanders down the rabbit hole... Imagine for a...
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    It's that time of year thoughts turn to black friday sales...

    Black Friday/ Cyber Monday etc So, as this was a topic last year, I figured I may as well kick off early this time. I have already seen a few mentions here and there and even spotted some early flyers from a few little general retailers. So what do you guys have on your wish list for this...
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    Here's something I done on a recent trip - Warning Pic heavy!

    So, here's an interesting teaser. What do you do when you have very little spare money left in the budget, have a real need for some reasonably fast extra storage capacity, have only a cheap, small, really short depth comms rack to house anything in and absolutely have to make something work in...
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    Eeek, I'm in need of some help

    OK, I have this lovely little Dell R210II pizza box server, which works great. That is until I decided one day to be a smart ass and update the firmware's and bios etc. I'm sure the bios on it when I got it was really early, something like 1.1.2 or something like that, but I wasn't really paying...
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    What are you using for your Topology Maps?

    So, I had a bit of down time earlier, decided for some reason to start doodling... It's been ages since I done one, but I decided to draw out an up to date, network topology map of "my place". Thought I would share it with you. I'm curious, who else likes nice little pictures to follow when your...
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    Dell H310's going cheap cheap cheap!

    Anyone needing one? these guys usually accept a cheeky best offer so long as it's a fair one :) Dell PERC H310 Adapter 8-Port 6Gb/s SAS RAID Controller HV52W Replaces Perc H200
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    Dell 1500VA 2U UPS (DLT1500RM2U)

    This one is more for the Canadian market given the item location and due to the free shipping. I snagged one of these yesterday for a countered BO of $275US + tax. Not bad at all for brand new with 3yr Dell warranty :) Dell APC Smart-UPS 1,500 VA DLT1500RM2U And here's the other one I was...
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    APC 7902 PDU's

    Anyone in the market for a reasonable looking deal on a switched/ metered PDU for their rack? I snagged one of these earlier with an offer of $50, they have 2 left! APC AP7902 Switched Rack PDU | Rack-Mountable | 2880 VA Load Capacity | 120 VAC
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    Looking for small plex client

    Hey guys, I'm looking into small Plex clients. I have looked at the Roku, Chrome thingies etc, but just don't feel the love. Maybe it's because they are all trying to be your all encompassing "multimedia" box rather than doing one thing well. I have my home Plex server, the content of which...
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    ZoL / ZFS Encryption

    Does ZoL support encryption natively? I am using ZoL with Debian 8, does anyone have a link to a good guide on how to implement an encrypted ZVol? Or feel free to spill the beans here :)
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    Much nashing of teeth...

    So here we go... My laptop has been having the odd disk niggle over the last few months, mainly, I suspected, just windows being cluttered up, fragmentation etc, plus I had a whole load of stuff sitting on a partition that I really only use rarely. So I decided this morning that it would be a...
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    Looking for recommendations on msata ssd for zfs slog

    I have turned my attention to using a slog for my array. It's not that I really need one, things seem to be running reasonably well so far, but I am interested to see just how much of a difference I can make by adding it. Here's what my setup currently looks like: I am using a Debian 8 VM with...
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    Heaphones for the canadian gamers?

    It's not server related per se, and although these can be used for playing games, they are actually not bad for other things too, like making the odd phone call, listening to the radio, watching something you shouldn't be watching ;):D The price is good anyway, and if they are even half as good...