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    FS 2x PWS-920P-1R

    Replaced these with the SQs. As a pair only $35 shipped for both or $25 pickup in central Ohio Google Wallet/Paypal
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    Recommend SSDs for VM storage

    Any recommendations for SSD models to look for? I'm looking for something to store VMs on--probably between 400GB-1TB but not sure what to search for Edit: SAS/SATA 2/5" or 3.5" preferably used Budget is more of a concern than performance. They'll probably end up having 20ish VMs on them with...
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    UPS Replacement Battery Source

    Where do you guys get replacement UPS batteries from? I have an older APC SmartUPS that takes a couple 12v/12ah batteries. I've gotten them from BatteriesPlus, eBay, and Amazon, but I can never seem to find a brand that lasts more than 2 years. I've heard Yuasa batteries are supposed to be...