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    How do I control which application use dedicated nvidia graphics driver - CentOS 7.8?

    I use cluster where on the headnode is installed only one graphic card nvidia Quadro P6000. The driver is installed correctly but my application use different graphic driver which propably come from VMware. This is strange because I didn't use VMware. I verified: systemctl status...
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    how test CPU performance - CentOS 7

    hi, I would verify CPU performance on the CentOS 7. I use HPC software on the cluster with four compute nodes (total 96 cores). I ran the analysis on all cores, which should load the system 100% but when log in to each compute nodes then command top give me strange information. For example the...
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    AMD Ryzen 3950X Linux CPU clock strange behavior

    I notices huge difference in CPU clock behavior between Windows 10 and Linux with the same (default) BIOS configuration. Motherboard - ASUS WS PRO X570. I run test with all 16 cores (HT - Disabled). Maximum CPU speed (all cores) for Windows 10 is about 4.15GHz Maximum CPU speed (all cores) for...
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    CentOS 7 fails to boot after storage removing

    I try remove HDD storage form desktop machine with CentOS 7.6 installed. Before removing the HDD from the chassis I unmounted disk and edited fstab. After restart the system hanging with balckscreen and hypen blinking on the left-top corner. After reconnecting the HDD, everything works fine and...
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    Switch Recommendations for HPC Cluster

    I'm setting up a HPC network with 4 Nodes. I have set up a HPC cluster with 10G Ethernet (base-T) one year ago and wanted to delve into 40GbE for a new test environment. I will connect ASUS I'm looking for simple and quite solution for home use. Any recommendations or advice would be great.