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    ZFS 5TB SMR 2.5 drives + SSD Write Cache?

    I have a 4x5TB 2.5 drives (2 Mirrors in a stripe for Raid 10), I purchased knowing the potential performance issues and plan to only really use them as cold storage. This ZFS pool is only for an off-site backup, primarily write and not reads. Since I had a few 100G SSD SAS drives (high write...
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    WD blue 1TB SSD $13.99 on Ebay - (Scam)

    You can only buy 1 every 10 days, but if not a scam an extremely good deal *** Ebay closed that listing reporting this was a scam ***
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    Dell r230, will 4x32GB ECC Modules work?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried using 32GB modules vs 16GB modules (ECC UDIMM). Specifically something like this? Would be nice if I could get this little system up to 128GB, likely overkill with the number of cores available but still just wondering :D
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    Dell R730/R7910 Fan Control

    Hello! I am wondering if it's normal for the Dell R730/R7910 to not auto-ramp up fans when the CPU is hot? I am using ESXi on a Dell R7910 (it looks exactly the same as an R730, inside and out) and have noticed the fans are not ramping up during a CPU stress test. I can see the CPU temperature...
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    Dell R730 and Intel E5-2686 ES compatibility

    Anyone know the compatibility or have they tested ES CPU's with R730's? Looking to purchase a chassis w/motherboard and wondering if I can transfer my current CPU to it without any issues. This is V3 of the CPU.
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    Getting rid of old network lab gear - Las Vegas

    Hey friends, doing some consolidation on my network lab at home and this means I have a good amount of equipment to offload and prefer this to go to a home that someone can use it. Its all free if you drive down to pick it up, the sooner the better (just wanna move it out of my office). I live...
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    Dell r210 ii PCIe Passthrough not working, keeps asking for reboots.

    I have two r210 ii servers with ESXi 6.5U1 and in the PCIe slot are 4 port 1000/VT card, it allows me to enable passthrough on the ports though I cannot fully enable them in ESXi, Virtualization and SR-IO are all enabled in the bios. I enable the ports but even after reboot they are stuck at...
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    SSD Raid 10 for ESXi Hardware Recommendations?

    Hello! Currently I have an ESXi machine that I do all my testing/tinkering on and am noticing I can only get about 250mb/s of write speeds. This is using an LSI 9260 series card connected to 4x 480GB Sandisk SSD's. Alone they reach ~500mb/s and I was able to validate this, but in raid 10 the...
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    4TB 2.5 vs 3.5 performance/reliability?

    Ello wonderful people :) I have been itching to lower the footprint of my FreeNAS build from a 4u supermicro 3.5 chassis to a 2U 2.5 array. Was wondering on your thoughts around the move, I know in the past 2.5" drives (spinning disks that is) have higher responce times and less reliability...
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    New ESX server, unsure what 12GB/s Raid Card to look for

    Hello (^_^) Currently in the process of building a 4u home ESX server. In the past I would scrub ebay for cheaper and basic raid cards (H310's etc) but I want to really future proof myself for the next 3 or so years. I am using a Supermicro CSE-M28SACB-OEM SAS/SATA Mobile Rack. I will only be...
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    40mm Fans, any recommendations?

    Greetings! I have several devices that could use a good Fan swap in my home rack and I would like to stay away from stepping down voltage if possible. In the past I would look at amazon and ebay for 40mm fans (not the dinky 40x10 ones) and they have been hit or miss. Wondering what you guys...
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    Xeon D-1508/1518 able to handle 10Gbps?

    Hello lovely forum! I want to look at replacing my FreeNAS motherboard to something less power hungry. Currently my system is a dual processor L5520 based system with about 74 or so GB or RAM. I plan to have this motherboard JUST serve files and move my Plex/BTSync services to a dedicated VM on...
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    Xeon D-1518 1u fan cover

    I wanted better airflow in the 1u supermicro server I recently purchased from Wiredzone (link). Created a 3d printed cover to segment one of the 40mm fans directly over the CPU heatsink. Thought I would share for others in the same boat. This is how it looked stock This is after adding the...