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    Can't get 10G speeds on main subnet

    Hi I have a nas with 10GbaseT and a PC with a Mellanox SFP+ as well as on board 2.5G. Connected via a CRS305-1G-4S+IN switch. Using a consumer TP-Link router (although I have a box to set up PFSense or OPNSense on). If I have the 10G nics on the same subnet as the rest of the home network, I...
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    thoughts on m.2 -> 4 x sata adapter

    Hi Thinking of using a Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F to build a super small footprint nas (custom enclosure). It has 6 x sata ports and 1 x pcie m.2 slot + 10gbe. I could add another 6 sata ports with a device like this...
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    Tailscale on truenas core... should i?

    Hi TLDR: should I persue Tailscale on TrueNAS core or embark on the headache of migrating to scale? Long version: Apologies, I am a technoweenie trying to make sense of these things. I have a trueNAS core working nicely and I want to expose it via VPN. I was going with pfsense and openVPN...
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    Best solution for 10GbE on macbook pro

    Hi, Can anyone speak to the quality of this device (SFP+ version for use with Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S+IN) There are other options but this is the cheapest SFP+ one I have seen.
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    Mirroring boot drives in J4125 firewall box

    I'm looking to use one of these for pfsense. It has one msata port and one regular sata port. It only has one power port for sata (not a standard one - it comes with a cable to adapt to the drive). - For dual boot drive do the SSD's need to be identical, or can I use 2 similarly specced ones...
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    Help booting X10SDV-4C-TLN2F

    Hi, I bought a supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F off ebay to build a nas. The ebay listing claims it is it good working order. The unit powers on and the CPU fan spins up, but I get nothing at all from the VGA port, or from a cheap pcie video card from my previous nas box. I also get no error beeps...
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    Chelsio nic goes down after ~5 minutes

    Hi, I got two used Chelsio 110-1160-50 T520-CR nics off ebay. One of them seems to work fine. The other works as expected, but after about 5 - 10 minutes, suddenly goes down. That is to say, in Freenas it reports as “down” in the interfaces menu, and in Windows it shows “Network cable...