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    Quick question about LSI 9206-16e

    I'm sure a number of you are familiar with this HBA. It has two LSI 2308 controllers onboard, but unlike the previous versions of this (9201-16e, 9202-16e etc), it does NOT use a PLX switch onboard. My question is related to passthrough in ESXi for this card. Can the two controllers be passed...
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    Anybody want 840TB of storage? ~$12K

    Not a bad deal I think. The disks themselves (84x10TB SAS3) are worth almost the asking price. 84x 10TB SAS3 DDN Storage Scaler SS8460 4U 84 Bay LFF JBOD Storage Expander Rail | eBay
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    FT: Anybody wanna swap Supermicro 2U Ultra riser?

    Hey guys - In one of my shiny new Supermicro systems, I have the 2x 10gBase-T riser - the AOC-2UR68-i2XT. This is based on the Intel x540. It looks like this: I'd like to swap it with the SFP+ version - the AOC-2UR68-i2XS (This is based on the Intel 82599), if possible. It looks like this...
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    I guess...this is a "great deal". Only $5M. Any takers? :)

    Dell DCS8000S DCS6430G Array node Rack cabinet servers Qty 16 | eBay
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    One bad SAS cable...4 days of agony.

    Well, after FOUR days of debugging as to why my backup storage array crashed and was throwing errors like there's no tomorrow... Turns out it was a bad SAS cable. Maybe I was too aggressive on bending it to fit or zip tying it or something. Was working fine for a few months and suddenly went bad...
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    Umm...high density? :)

    Pictures speak for themselves (I promised pictures of this Frankenstein server a while ago...). Three motherboards/systems in a 1U chassis...
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    FS: Supermicro and Inventec Motherboards

    I have a few motherboards that are just kinda sitting there. Better that they get used with someone else. :) Qty 1x - X9DRE-TF+ dual 2011 motherboard with dual 10g onboard. - $199/obo - No IO shield (used it elsewhere), just the board, but the board is in pristine condition. This is rev 1.02...
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    SR-IOV...I guess it works after all.

    This has been on my back burner for the longest time. I run pfSense virtualized, with the WAN terminated at my ICX-6610 in a VLAN (no SVI) and a single "trunk/transit" pipe to it. All local routing is handled by the 6610, only external traffic gets to pfSense. Had been running it using vmxnet3...
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    FS: Any interest in SC116TQ-R700CB chassis? (10x 2.5 bay with additional 4x 2.5 inside)

    I may be decommisioning a few of these. These have optional trays inside to hold an additional 4x 2.5 drives (for a total of 14). Will come with: - all caddies (with screws), - rails (both inner and outer), - both PSUs (700w Gold), - Additional 2.5 bay trays (with power cabling/adapters), - 5x...
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    WTB: SAS 8643 to SATA breakout cables w/sideband

    Anybody got a few lying around, before I go place an order with Supermicro? They need to be 1m length or so. I cold use 4-8 of them.
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    WTB: Supermicro 1U "WIO" window

    Specifically, part number MCP-240-00098-0N. This is the WIO window for the 113/116/815 chassis. I've called a few places, and no one seems to have them in stock. I could use a few of them. Anybody got any lying around?
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    I need a SAN...or vSAN..or Shared Storage...or....WTF is this so complex?

    The title is a bit misleading, it's not that I don't know the differences, but I'm at a point where I need additional thoughts, and I needed to get your attention... :) Anyway, I'm in the planning stages of a production (for my own, not for a client) build, where I need "storage". My criteria...
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    Anybody know anything about Samsung mz3s9200HMDP/EMC VX-VS6F-200 V3-VS6F-200 SSDs?

    They seem to be all over ebay at relatively reasonable prices. Would they be a good fit for an iSCSI SAN and/or database server storage? These are 3.5" SAS SSDs. Edit: I'm aware of the 520 sector size, but other than that, any performance numbers? My google-fu didn't turn up any numbers...
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    Potential deal on Supermicro 846B chassis with SAS2/920P-SQ/more

    Guys - One of my contacts called me that they just got a bunch of Supermicro 846s in. Once he listed all the stuff on them... :) Here's the run down: - SC846 Rev B chassis with SAS2 backplane - Dual PWS-920P-SQ power supplies - Rear dual 2.5" hot swap kit - All fans (They are all PWM) - 3x in...
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    Brocade ICX 6610-48-E - No longer for sale.

    Guys - I've decided to sell this switch and get a different one, since I need more 10g ports. This is a fully upgraded Brocade ICX 6610-48-E. - Has the PREMIUM software license installed. (1x ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW) - Has the 10gb license upgrade for ALL 8 ports (2x ICX6610-10G-LIC-POD) Complete...
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    Can't decide - Converge into bigger server(s) or keep multiple smaller server(s)

    Folks, I'm in the middle of redesigning my home (and production) lab, and having a tough time deciding on a strategy for convergence. The goal (like anybody else) is to have maximum performance, at the lowest power consumption, while spending the least amount of money. I can "converge"...
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    Running out of 10g ports on Brocade ICX 6610, what to do?

    Well, guys, this lil switch has served me well for a while, but I'm in a quandary at this point. This is the Brocade ICX 6610-48-E (non POE). It has eight 1g/10g SFP+ ports (and they are all licensed for 10g) and 48 1G RJ45 ports. It also has four 40g QSFP+ ports on the back, but these are...
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    Tyan S7067WGM2NR w/ Heatsinks (SAS 2308 onboard, with 10gbe) - $50/bo + shipping

    Good deal?? (No affiliation with seller) Tyan Dual CPU S7067 Motherboard S7067WGM2NR w/ Heatsinks | eBay
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    FS: 2x Areca ARC-8028-24/32 36 port SAS3/12gbps expander.

    No longer for sale. My apologies.
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    FS: 23x WD Black (WD4003FZEX) 4TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5" - Warranty

    In the middle of redoing my storage, and trying to clean out a few things (before buying other things :) ). These are all in excellent shape, with in date service of ~ Jan 2015. All are still in warranty till ~ Jan 2020. I'm still rebuilding a few things, so haven't had a chance to take...