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    To Good to Be Trues on Fleabay

    I usually stay away from these sellers, especially if their account doesn't have a good reputation or good reviews.
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    Old Hard Drive Removed from the Laptop

    Should be easy to connect it using the right adapter.
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    Vehicle Projects - Race Cars -- Share yours!

    Nice thread! I got no race vehicle but this my fav ride so far. 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT I have always been a truck and bike guy, not until this beauty was offered by a previous neighbor who was moving and can't take her with them. She's been sitting for almost two years but immediately fires...
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    Dell C6100 and mezzanine LSI 2008

    Not an expert here and my guess is it is not a compatibility issue, could be an error on installation.
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    SM X10SRH-F

    Try 1 dimm at a time.
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    May not bad to give it a try but you can't expect much from some of these knock offs.
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    Video Card Recommendations?

    A close buddy got this and it is awesome.
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    Intel S2600GL - Low memory performence

    Good discussion as I think I'm having the same issue. Gonna give these a try.