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    Tiny Mini Micro - 3D Printing a bracket for a Lenovo m720q for AOC-SGP-i2

    I received my Supermicro AOC-SGP-i2 today and started printing its bracket. I'll post some pictures in this thread once it's complete, along with a link to the thingiverse thing.
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    EMC HGST Drive showing ~1/2 of correct number of sectors

    I just snagged what I thought was a reasonable deal for a 2TB HGST drive. It's a HGST HUS726020ALA610. What's messed up is that when I plug it in, it says it's an HUS726010ALA610, which is not a known part number. the drive shows the following in my NAS: da9 at mps0 bus 0 scbus33 target 15...