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    SOLVED: M1215 not detecting any drives

    I got a couple of M1215 from eBay recently, and decided to flash them to 9300-8i IT. Before the flashing I encountered some weird problems. These two cards cannot detect any of my hard drives including new SSDs (samsung ans Micron) and one used spin disk (WD). I did successfully flashed one of...
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    WTB: Used Mikrotik Switch CRS226-24G-2S+IN

    I was planing to jump onto the deal of Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG, but changed the mind at last minute. Now looking for used Mikrotik Switch CRS226-24G-2S+IN/RM with reasonable price. Rack mount version is OK, but desktop version preferred. Thanks.
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    EU Silicon Power S55 interne SSD 960 GB - $115

    Saw this on other forum. Super cheap $115 USD for a 960G SSD. No idea about silicon power, but the price is low enough to bite. It's amazon anyway. OOS now but still can place orders.
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    WTB: SuperMicro X8DTH-6F or iF motherboard

    Looking for SuperMicro X8DTH-6F or iF (X8DTH-6F preferred) with I/O shield. A friend of mine is trying to set up his first home server. He's already got chassis, CPU, and memories, just missing this mobo. Hopefully someone here can help him. Thanks.
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    FS: Supermicro X8DTE-F, 3U Chassis, and 2X W5590 CPUs

    Recently I downsized my setup and decided to sell this server. Supermicro X8DTE-F motherboard Supermicro 3U Chassis (I think it is SC833T-653B, but you are welcome to verify yourself) 2X W5590 3.3GHz CPUs NO RAM or Hard Drives Would love to sell all together for around $300, but will consider...
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    WTB: EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard

    This mobo is kind of rare. Ebay pricing has gone through the roof. Would love to have this mobo with my 2x x5660 for an ESXi server. Thanks. Ros