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    Are there 2.5GBase-T SFP+ modules?

    Ordered 2 of the Optcore version! Seems like it should work since it links with the switch at 10G and converts internally. Going to try with a genuine Cisco AIR-PWRINJ6. Seen some reports that NBase-T will link at 2.5 or 5 through a 1Gb injector, just not 10.
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    Yes, please share the updated binaries! :) Instructions to enable LR4 would be a life saver! Or even how to extract/obtain the ini file to modify. I've been trying to get some BiDi transceivers to work forever.
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    Gauge Interest in Arista 40G QSFP UNIV Transceivers

    Interested in 2, maybe 4 if they work in my SX6018.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    You got the last set.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    1 rack ear set left, all others have been shipped. Producing these isn't really economical for me as a hobbyist, paying shipping for steel plate. Might have other sets come available sporadically, I can run a set or 2 whenever I have scrap from other projects that they'll fit on.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    For anyone that wanted 6450 rack ears, I finally got the part to fix my bending brake. With all the confusion over weather these were 6610 or 6540, and tons of PMs, I'm going to drop the price and just let everyone use this button. I have 5 sets and pretty much just want to get rid of them...
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    Likelihood that a US ISP-branded router is backdoored?

    Just the fact that AT&T let's me change the wifi password from the website would make my bypass their equipment if I hadn't already. Maybe you can run OpenWrt on it?
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    Windows detects U.2 NVMe drives as removable/external

    Anyone have a fix? Tons of searching only brings up TreatAsInternalPort under storahci, no solutions for NVMe. I don't like the drives showing up in the safely remove hardware menu, but more importantly they are using Bitlocker To Go on them, which do not automatically unlock at boot, only at...
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    2x Builds... Upgrading and a server for second house

    Yep, blew out both the RAM slot and CPU socket.
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    2x Builds... Upgrading and a server for second house

    Ugh, I seem to have the worst luck in the world with these things. Added the full 256GB to #2, and now I get an ECC error in the IPMI log and complete system freeze every few hours. Swapped RAM around, error stays on DIMMP1, swapped CPUs around and error still on DIMMP1, so it's got to be the...
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    Maximize width on iKVM/HTML5 & Get rid of Java popup!

    Better version of the anti Java popup that doesn't break loading the summary page. YOUR_IP_ADDRESS##+js(set, deployJava.versionCheck, trueFunc) Also found that Intel boards use the same <ip>/cgi/url_redirect.cgi?url_name=... urls, so I assume they use the same BMC chips. It should be...
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    NVMe boot with SuperMicro X9DA7 & X9DRi-F

    Gonna have to warn everyone not to try this with the v1.0 BIOS for X9DAi, unless you have the equipment to desolder and reprogram the BIOS chip. Tried the files I posted above tonight. It does not work with the ES CPU, but does work with NVMe as long as you have a non-ES CPU. After that, I...
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    Hp branded Samsung SM825 SSDs, cannot access

    Can you see the devices in linux, but not access them, or not see them at all? They might be formatted to 520b sectors.
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    Correct rom for fake 9270cv-8i

    Bought it on ebay as a 9270CV-8i. It has PCI IDs for a 9265-8i. Most likely originally a NEC N8103-152 due to the tiny sticker on the back, but there's very little info out there on that card. Right now, it won't let me adjust most of the settings. I just get an error message "the requested...
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    Supermicro Guide - Potential new purchase

    Supermicro Product Naming Guide – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
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    Looking for router advice before moving to AT&T fiber

    You're the expert on these switches haha. I can't find any settings for the switch to do 802.1x as a client, only authorize devices connected to it. I found a passthrough option, but I'm not sure if it'll work with my setup here (ICX6610 -> SX6018 -> Hypervisor). The other house has it's new...
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    Supermicro X11SCH* Bios 1.0b - Thumbs Up!

    I wonder if they'll release the Optane update in something newer than 3.1 for the X11DPH. I had a POST issue until I swapped it for a Samsung.
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    2x Builds... Upgrading and a server for second house

    Actually, there's 16 drives, but practically no limit. The SC836 chassis has an expander backplane in it, so the drives connect to it, and there's 3 SAS connectors on the back. 2 (x4 lanes) are connected to the controller and 1 is meant for expansion. There's also expander cards, like the...
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    2x Builds... Upgrading and a server for second house

    Here's a file copy. It goes into RAM almost instantly, but Task Manager shows the actual disk write speed. Actually, here's a Hyper-V storage move. It does sync writes.
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    2x Builds... Upgrading and a server for second house

    Not sure I can get a file copy to do it without it being at least 1TB, but here's the CDM results. I haven't enabled CacheCade yet. The old server actually had a 9285-8e, and I used my 9270-8i here. But it seems to have been cross flashed improperly at some point - I can't change any of the...