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    Issue installing OS on T430 with H730

    Are the disks formatted to 512e, not some funky 520 or something? Have you tried installing an OS onto a direct attached disk?
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    ZOL - recover lacked MBR after physical problem

    Before you do anything, bit copy/ image both disks onto known good media. You can use dd or similar to achieve this. If all else fails, you can return the disks to their pre-existing states and try again, as many times as you like, before hopefully/ successfully recovering your data. You can...
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    A rainy day project - Warning PIC Heavy!!

    Just so folks understand, a recovered "good" image file, from a working iDRAC6 board is likely copyright to Dell, or at least in that grey area where what happens behind closed doors for personal use...Anyway, I won't openly post a file for this, for that reason and that I have no wish to get...
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    In need of a bit if advise please.

    A sm x9scm-f, 32GB of unbuffered ecc DDR3, a v2 E3 chip and a cheap Raid/ HBA card is heading in the right direction :)
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    Supermicro CSE-836 3u Max Heatsink Height

    Unlikely. 1U = 1.75" or 44.45mm, therefore 3U = 133.35mm. If you remove known component heights like Mainboard standoff's, board thickness, socket+chip/ heatsink mount height etc and allow a few mm of clearance to the inside of the lid, that should give you the ballpark height of any heatsink...
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    Fujitsu RX300S8, Please help!

    If you have set the boot menu in the bios, you should be able to press F12 to open it during boot, select the device to boot from and proceed with your installation. Obviously that assumes that your boot media is good and the BIOS is set accordingly, i.e to use uefi or legacy boot modes :) I...
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    new member here

    Welcome to the playground. Tip: Hide your wallet when browsing the deals/ for sale forums ;)
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    PDF Reader w/ sign option

    I rolled back my FoxIT to an earlier version, just because I liked having the print to pdf feature. I have been a FoxIT fan since it came on market. I can only guess that it was decided that was a premium feature and not for the freeloaders like myself :) I too would like to move to something...
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    Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

    Loved the off the cuff format and seeing all that cool gear, especially the submerged cooling solutions. The odd camera issue doesn't detract from the just roll with it theme, keep it up bud :)
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    Are there any HBAs that don't require a fan?

    About the same, give or take. A small noctua fan running at low speed is for all intents practically inaudible. You will have way more noise generated from your disks anyway, than any small laptop style fan screwed or clipped onto the heatsink will contribute. Also, your disks will likely...
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    LSI RAID Controller and HBA Complete Listing Plus OEM Models

    When the card is installed in a low height enclosure...say a 2U high rack case for example. The bend required on the cable in order not to foul the lid, right as it exits the card, is way tighter than you would want. It's therefore better to take it from the back of the card instead. Same goes...
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    LSI RAID Controller and HBA Complete Listing Plus OEM Models

    Either the Dell H310, or the H200 would do ya, if you need the cables the other way round :)
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    LSI RAID Controller and HBA Complete Listing Plus OEM Models

    As long as you have at least a little airflow over the card's heatsink, it will be perfectly happy. The only real benefit of going with the newer card would be for adding a NAND array at some point in the future and using pcie 3 :)
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    Optimal OS for game dedicated server

    Pretty much any decent server oriented 'nix platform would be the way to go, Debian would be my go to base OS for something like this, but as you are excluding that... :)
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    Recovering old Raid6 Array: LSI 8708 EM2

    I would not waste my money on 2TB disks now. Buy some decent sized disks, build your new array with the LSI9260-8i and create whatever partition scheme you like. In addition also create a "rescue" partition, then dd/ ddrescue the 2TB disks to the new "rescue" partition. Rebuild your old array...
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    What do you call this type of rack slide/support?

    Might want to mention which switch you are using these for :)
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    X9SRW-F v1.01A with v2 xeon?

    Have you tried booting it with the V1 chip and updating the BIOS and BMC etc, then trying with the V2 chip?