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    Dell M520 FC Mezzanine problem

    Hello. I can’t get the mezzanine card to work in the Dell M520 serve. Mezzanine card p/n 073TM8. This is LPm16002B-D 16gb fiberchanel card. When i try to start server with this card i taking message "Unsupported mezzanine card istalled! System halted" In dell m610 this card works fine. Is there...
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    HPE Superdome 2 and Superdome X chassis compatibility?

    I know, its a vary strange question, but..) It is possible to use Superdome 2 chassis (maybe with crossbar modules upgrade) with BL920s G8 or G9 blades? It seems like they physically compatible at first look.
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    Can I use second hand NetApp FAS 6200 series filer?

    Hello! I have a quiestion about netapp FAS filers I want to buy from ebay Netapp FAS 6240, maybe 6280 (single unit, without HA), and i am worry about licensing. Can i use netapp buyed from hands? i readed about i must have a licensed to use it, it is a true? I need basic functional - iscsi, fc...
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    Windows Server iSCSI target cyclical shutdown

    Hello! I have a problem with Windows Server 2019 (and tryed 2016 too) and iSCSI target I try to mount disk via iSCSI to blade server as boot disk, but when even one server has connected iSCSI interface starts to cyclical shutdown. Hardware: HP Dl380p Gen8 with QLE8152 as iSCSI target HP C7000...
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    Need help with HP Virtual Connect and iSCSI

    Hello everyone! I have been suffering for 4 days and nothing is working( I have a HP C7000 chassis. In bay 1 located bl460c gen8 server with HP 534flb NIC onboard. In communication bay 1 installed HP Flex-10 Enet module. Also in rack - Quanta lb6m switch and HP dl380p gen8 with lot of LFF hard...
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    E5-4600 series CPU in dual socket MB?

    Hello! Anybody have tested 46xx series CPUs in dual socket mobo? I interested in install e5-4650 in bl460c gen8. Maybe anybody can test it?