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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Has anyone found a source/replacement for the 3.5" drive caddies? I see none of the current listings have them. I was thinking of buying a couple more just as compute nodes since I have one with all drive caddies intact but hoping to find more drive trays regardless.
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Yup I have the wrong ones then - I have some Kingslide rails that look like what I would see in a Dell box... except I ordered my server back when these were first talked about... good luck getting replacements now.
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Can you send pics of the rails? I bought mine months ago - and I haven't racked it yet and wondering now if I got the wrong ones.
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    [FS][US-SC] Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen2

    Bump - still time before Christmas!
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    Xeon V3 16gb 1U servers $325

    That price is a bit steep. For that I bought the motherboard, IO shield, Xeon E3-1241v3, SM active cooler, and 32GB Unbuffered ECC for my home server.
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    Multiple 1G/10G Brocade ICX7150-C12P compact switches for $150-$225

    Would pair nice with the Juniper SRX300 I have had sitting around and a few Ruckus APs with the unleashed firmware. I need to stop looking on here!
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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    Looking at Juniper TAC - the latest recommended version of JunOS for the SRX series is still 18.4-R3 which was linked in one of the previous posts here and I can likely upload again if needed. I just took mine off the shelf to upgrade and start looking into it myself. As for the licensing - I...
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    Anyone have a problem with BitDeals Tech?

    I have had 4 orders with them by now. First two were great, second two were during the COVID period and not-so-great. Granted, the owner made it right - but I was seeing drives failing in my home array as I was waiting on these and really starting to sweat! Their issue came from the sheer...
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    Dual Xeon-D

    They're definitely seeing the value in these... I paid $165 shipped for mine which I gave to a friend to repair when it showed up with a torn off M.2 connector - and others on here got working and complete ones for around $180. I am willing to go around $180-200 but not needing any repairs at...
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    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    That could be nice for a low power always-on server for my house... if I could find the storage expansion to go with it as well.
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    For the price mentioned above I'd be down for at least one - possibly two. But I just realized we are still talking about an EU order and I am in the US... my apologies!
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Update to mine - looking at a few places to send it in for some hot air rework and then get to work. Found the CMOS battery holders, but hitting a roadblock getting the identical M.2 connector. Does anyone by chance know which Amphenol part would usually be the “tall” connector?
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Pads look to be all there - and surprisingly still shiny. Looks like it was a poor soldering job from the factory if it pulled off that cleanly! Only piece remaining is a piece of the mounting for the M.2 connector that usually anchors/grounds it to the board.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Well I received a refund - no return shipping info. Guess he’s calling those boards a loss. I cannot solder something as fine pitch as the M.2 connector - I wonder if I can find someone that can and have them rework the board for cheap.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Well my board finally came in - I bought one of the "defective" ones due to CMOS battery carriers being loose - which is a VERY easy fix by the looks of it... Until I noticed my board has one of the M.2 connectors completely torn off the board which was NOT part of the item description. He...
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    Dual Xeon-D

    The plot thickens... I found this listing for a Ciara Tech Orion-116 server node surfing through eBay. It has an identical port configuration and layout on the rear of the chassis, and the drive sled boards are prefixed with the same ASRock AK- model number. I wonder if Ciara Tech was the...
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    I haven't seen them for sale anywhere yet. Supermicro and FreeNAS use the 4-bay model but never seen the 8-bay elsewhere.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    I’ve made an offer for $150 and $175 so far both declined or ignored. So I’m wondering if this seller is trying to sell the “seconds” for more considering the reports of pricing the first round.
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    32 in 4K VA monitor for $290

    Using one in my bedroom right now with the ability to use it as a second monitor when "working from home". The next model up in 55" is what I have in my living room and it is a damn nice screen as well.