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    Deal Dead - Dell Canada - Dell R740 2 x Xeon Gold 5218R 64GB $2378.20 $CAD

    Alas, it seems the deal is now dead. This deal is for the Canadians - you likely need a Canadian address to order. Deal link - Dell PowerEdge R740 Rack Server : Servers | Dell Canada Without editorializing too much, we all know the benefits of Epyc, but for those who want or need Intel this...
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    Need a recommendation - 24 or 48 port POE switch with 2 or more SFP+ 10GbE Port Preferred

    As in title, I am looking for a 24 or 48 port gigabit POE switch. Would prefer one with 2 or 4 ports SFP+ 10GbE. A SG500x-24P would be perfect, but none are to be found at a reasonable price at this time. Any other suggestions? If I forgo the 10GbE requirement, what is my best option? I have...
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    SOLD: 40GbE Setup Including Gnodal GS4008 and Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE Cards

    Sold. Thanks everyone I have for sale a 40GbE setup that is tested and working. Included: 1 x Gnodal GS4008 The GS4008 is in good working order. It has minor blemishes (scratches etc) and one rear power supply is missing the plastic knob on the release (release works fine) and has a...
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    QSFP+ vs QSFP Cables

    I need a few cables to go from MCX353A-FCBT to a Gnodal Switch 40GBE, but I am not sure if I need QSFP or QSFP+ cables. Has anyone run a similar setup? Thanks!
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    NAS Build - Hardware vs Software (ZFS) Raid and more [Advice Needed]

    Looking to build two NAS's which synchronize over an internet connection. These will be chiefly used for media storage. I have some LSI 9286-8e available, with cachevault, so RAID-6 write hole is not a major concern. I am trying to decide between those and ZFS. ZFS has the obvious advantages...
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    Mellanox Adapter Help

    Need a bit of help wading through the Mellanox adapter sea. I am looking for a 40GBE adapter that supports RDMA. Ideally I would like to use it with a Gnodal GS4008 as a 40GB ethernet adapter. As I understand it, Connectx VPI models are both IB and Ethernet. So will this card work? Mellanox...
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    LGA1356 Barebones including 9271-8i

    This one is almost worth it just for the raid controller. Supermicro 1U 1356 2 CPU Sockets 6 DIMM slots Dedicated IPMI Onboard intel 82574L Comes with Hard Drive Blanks and DVD LSI MegaRAID Eight-port SAS 9271-8i PCI-E Supermicro X9DBL 3F CSE813M 1U Server BAREBONES DVD RW Just Add CPU RAM HDS...
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    10GbE Switches Gnodal vs IBM

    I am looking at a couple of 10GbE Switches. The two I am considering are the Gnodal GS4008 and the IBM G8124. Does any one have experience with both? Pros for the Gondal - 40GbE ports. Known working with cheap lamps - Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL I can get it slightly cheaper. Pros for the IBM -...
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    Dell/Force10 40GbE Switch

    Dell Force10 Z9000 32 Port Switch w Dual Power No Hard Drive No Software | eBay This is from the same seller that many got the Gnodal 40GbE switches from. Might be able to go low with BO. (As I recall took around $550 for the Gnodal also listed around $1300). This switch is L2/L3 but fewer...