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    Updated: US: 40G/100G networking, SSDs, Intel v3/v4/scalables & AMD EPYC CPUs

    CPUS: Intel: 4x E5-2660 v3 - $100 per pair - SOLD 2x E5-2650 v3 - $90 pair - SOLD 2x E5-2630L v3 - $90 pair 2x E5-2630 v3 - $75 pair 3x E5-2620 v4 - $100 each 2x Xeon Bronze 3106 $175 each or $320 pair 1x Xeon Gold 5115 $425 AMD: 1x AMD EPYC 7251 Came from Dell R6415 - $250 40G Switches...
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    100GbE Inventec D7032Q28 $900 OBO Seller took $300 as bestoffer
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    Quanta JB2720 replacement interposers?

    Does anyone have a contact at a quanta distributor or quanta themselves? I picked up a JB2720 2U 72bay jbod but unknowningly they came with SATA interposers instead of SAS. meaning I can only run SATa drives and the performance are odd maxing our at 10K 4KB IOPS or about 200MB/s sequential...
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    Best 2.5” 15mm PMR SATA disk?

    Hi all, recently acquired a Quanta JBOD that I’ll do a write up on... But it turns out the JBOD has SATA interposers instead of SAS ones for its drive bays.. meaning it’s now time to look for bulk Sata drives I can use in the array. looking for PMR/CMR disks and not shingled.
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    WTB: 400GB+ SATA SSD RI, MU, or WI

    Needs changed. Looking for SATA ssd's now. Turns out the JBOD I got has Sata interposers instead of SAS interconnects.. so now need sata drives US only.
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    FS: 2x Xeon Platinum 8253 QS, 12x Dell SAS 300GB 10K

    Hi all, Update: 2x Xeon Platinum 8253 for sale. $650 for the pair, or $450 for the first, or $300 for the other First cpu is good, working in FC640 Second CPU has a bad memory channel on channel 4. Stepping 5 Also have 12x Dell 300GB SAS 10K drives. SAS6gbps. Seagate v8 drives. $120 for...
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    Dell S6100-ON 64x 40GbE QSFP+ $900

    These will probably go quick.. Sold by XByte a very reputable dell refurb seller. Dell Networking S6100-ON 4 Slot (4x 16P QSFP+ Mod Incl.) Switch S6100-ON | eBay Broadcom Tomahawk chipset... modular design so once the modules go on ebay for 100GbE, you can swap them in as you need them...
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    $499 Raritan PX3-5930V 30A 208V Outlet metered/switched 0 U PDU

    hi guys... figure I post a deal here instead of just hoarding it for myself ;) picked up 2 already with best offer of $300 each x2. They have 1 left Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5903V Monitored Switched 0U PDU 5kVA 208V 24A L6-30P Input 706199396824 | eBay Probably one of the best PDU's $ can buy...
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    [FS]2x Xeon Platinum 8253 QS Stepping 5 $950

    Hi all, I have 2x Xeon Platinum 8253 QS Stepping 5 (A0) for sale.. These were bought from ebay. They work just fine in a Dell FC640 however one of the CPUs have a dead memory channel on channel 4. Looking for $550 for the 1st one with all channels working, and $400 for the 2nd one with the...
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    FS: Dell/Sandisk SSD, H730, Dell Trays, etc

    Hi, I have the following forsale. 3x Dell/Sandisk Lightning Ultra Gen II's. 100% health reported by iDRAC in a FC630. $125 + shipping E40U firmware MDKW-400G-5C21 I can throw inDell G13 trays if needed. ( for Rack mount servers, not for M630/FC630 ) Along with that I have a Dell H730 Mini...
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    Proxmox Network Model with multiple interfaces?

    Cross posting from Proxmox Forums... Hi, I'm working on setting up a new lab environment for PVE, trying to test Ceph + Proxmox's clusters capability for a future setup. We have the following nodes: 7x E3 v2, 32GB RAM, with 2x1G LACP bonded down to a multi chassis switch 4x E5 v1, with 8 x...
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    FS: APC Netshelter AR3100 & 2x Cyberpower PR2200LCDRTXL2U UPS

    Hi, Our company just recently moved and deployed brand racks & UPS Seeing if we can sell the cabinet & UPS at the old location. Santa Ana, 92704, local pickup only, or buyer arranges freight/shipping. Pics to come tomorrow. The Cyberpower has been in operation for roughly 3 years now...
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    HUSSL4020ASS600 200GB SLC EBAY $99.00

    Looks like they are back! Hitachi 200GB SAS Enterprise SSD 2.5" 6Gb/s HUSSL4020ASS600 0B24963 SLR5A-S20SS Good Luck all.
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    Intel S3710 400GB ebay - $200-$225 - warranty 2020

    Hi guys, So I've been working with this seller to buy some ssd's and a barebones they had. I just got word they have over 1000pcs, and the drives vary between 300GB to 30TB of writes.They were pulled from a datacenter environment with roughly 3000-8000 hours of power-on time. Drives are rated...
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    Intel S3710 1.2TB Like NEW - $620.99

    Intel DC S3710 1.2 TB Internal 2.5" SSD, Enterprise-class SSDSC2BA012T4 nuff said.
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    Proxmox Cluster shared storage model?

    Hey All, So I'm attempting on building a multi node Cluster on Proxmox. I plan on doing shared storage for the most part, but some nodes will have local SSD storage in RAID-1/RAID-10. The biggest problem right now is that I either lose SATA 6G ports, or go RAID and lose 10G networking. So that...
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    Dell M1000e w/ 16x M610 2xL5630 + 10GbE Passthrough

    Been trying to look for some nice compute/storage node setups. I've always been fascinated by the Dell M1000e / VRTX setups, and found this gem on ebay. Dell Poweredge M1000e 16x M610 2x L5630 2.13ghz 24gb 2x Trays iKVM CMC 10G-PTM - $1779 - Texas, US, local pickup only though.. While they are...
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    Feeler, Lots of E3 V2+ E5 V1 servers + 2x Juniper EX4200's

    Was going to use these for my lab environment, but ended up wanting to get a feeler out to see if I can downsize to a couple E5 v3 boxes. Everything is located here: [edited]
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    E5-2673 V3 OEM EBAY

    Interesting processor. Would make a nice dense VM node for non IPC constrained workloads. Intel Xeon E5-2675 v3 CPU OEM LGA-2011v3 16C/32T X99/C612 Compatible 5930K 5960X