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    SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F

    Seems like a nice deal with quantity... Super Micro X9DRD-7LN4F 2x Xeon CPU Motherboard Heatsink & I/O SHIELD | eBay
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    Fujitsu 10GbE Ultra-low Latency Switches - XG2000 Series

    At ~$22/port... These Look like a great deal... Fujitsu EMC 10GB Ethernet Network Switch XG2000R PD XG2040FC 100 562 772 | eBay Fujitsu XG2000R 20 Port 10GbE XFP Switch PD XG2040FC | eBay
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    Samsung 830's

    Samsung 830 256GB @ $155 and 128GB @ $70... peace,
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    Anyone recommend a good UPS?

    I am looking to purchase a UPS. My needs are: 1000-1500W - 120V Sine Wave Rackmount(able) unit. The 3 brands I am considering are Eaton, CyberPower and APC. At this point I am leaning towards the Eaton but I thought I would reach...
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    Mellanox MHQH19B-XTR for half price

    Mellanox MHQH19B-XTR on ebay seller confirmed taking $100/ each These are the new(er) Connect-X2 40Gb/s versions: ... and compatible with SMB 3.0...
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    Kingston HyperX 3K - 240GB for 170 bucks

    @ Circuit City with F/S... One day only (Today)... Not the top(est) quality NAND, but puts in a nice showing on the reviews...
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    Chenbro RM21508T2

    The guy is accepting $110.00 shipped for this chassis... It...
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    Sandisk Extreme 240 for 170 Bucks (or less)

    Passing it on... Props to these guys for posting it up... peace,
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    Mellanox Infiniband (20 Gbps) HBA for 90 bucks

    Thought this was a great deal for those who want to play with Infiniband fabrics... peace,