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    Tiered Storage Space-2016 vs 2019

    The tiering is realtime and automatic, take a look at the perfmon counters for ReFS and you can see the amount in each tier. (NTFS tiering is based on task jobs running to tier and to create the heat map.) For ReFS there is no way to pin a file to a specific tier. R
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Is there an alternate hosting site for the newest firmware? I don't have a Filedropper account and the side seems to require sign-up to download the B10/B11 firmware. Note, I have the Quanta board.
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    Tiered Storage Space-2016 vs 2019

    Tiering in 2016 using ReFS will work. You just need to create the tiering with NTFS then reformat it using ReFS. That said 2019 introduces some improvements in the performance of the mirroring tier as well as support for deduplication in ReFS. One nuance with ReFS is that if you use...
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    File transfer solution - server to server - control from client

    You mentioned you couldn't do server to server? What about something like a private VPN? Maybe something like ZeroTier? ZeroTier | Home
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    HP 5820-24XG-SFP+ - $225

    Me too, interaction with the seller and he didn't seem concerned about the misleading information on the eBay site not showing the fact these don't come complete with at least one power supply. Do folks know the part # we need to look for to purchase and what a good price would be? Sent from...
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    I would like to join the pool,. I have 4 2670v1 dual socket servers that I would to try out. (i have gpu's in two of them NVidia 1080s) R Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Intel Optane 900p SSD Released in AIC and U.2 Form Factors

    I was able to sign up for <<BACKORDER>> status at Newegg last night. They just charged my credit card and sent me a FedEx tracking number. :-) (Intel Optane SSD 900P (280GB, AIC PCIe 3.0 x4, 20nm, 3D XPoint) PS: ServeTheHome is definitely dangerous to my finances. (2 kids in college, one...
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    EBay - LSI Logic SAS9200-8E 2 X SFF-8088-Ports - NIB - $40

    What are you guys using to hold the drives with these cards? (assuming that the 8e designation means external right?) Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Just a follow up for the thread, I received the risers and they work well. (the part # mentioned in another message. e.g. riser with 2x slots.) Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    My box came in the first configuration, 10gig card no riser. After the thread I emailed the seller esisoinc and they said they would ship me the missing risers. Haven't gotten them yet but thought that I would report that they seemed open to making it right for me. Sent from my Nexus 6...
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    The FW0C Is the one I used(see earlier in the thread) but inline to make it easier for folks. The readme for FW0C bios specifically calls out added compatibility with FW0B. R Sent from mTalk
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Humor, I accidentally sent an empty reply, newbe...... Putting in the content now. :-) So thanks to grxlab and his pointer to the quanta site. I happen to have the Quanta version of the server (bought from Essio) and I was successful in updating the bios which then enables installing...
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Hi, had anyone tracked down a firmware update? Mine has a bios date of 06/03/2013 16:12:52 Ver:F03_3B01. Unfortunately it isn't new enough to support a Windows Server 2016 install as it gives the dreaded ACPI_BIOS_ERROR. One additional piece of info, a nvidia 640 card works well so that...