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    Canada WTB: Nvidia A100 80GB | Update: Bought

    Does anyone know a guy who knows a guy? Cheers, thanks for looking!
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    OpenSM for Windows on Connectx4+

    Hello, Trying to setup direct infiniband between two machines with CX4 cards (EDR). apparently there is no OpenSM for WinOF-2 drivers. Any ideas how to get this concept to work...
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    Canada SOLD: CAN/USA EPYC 7502 ES (ZS17), RAM

    I have a whole bunch of of EPYC Rome ES now, but unfortunately it's an odd number and I want to consolidate on all dual socket boards. So I either need to buy one or sell one. Selling a 32 Core Rome ES (ZS17) for $800 US or 1000 CAD, free shipping. These are overclockable, and I'd be happy to...
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    Are there any 100G+ switches that support simultaneous Ethernet and Infiniband?

    Currently using SX6036, but wondering if there is a 100G option.
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    Motherboard (C621a chipset) support for Xeon W 3000 series

    Do I need a motherboard that explicitly supports Xeon W series (X12SPA-TF) or does any "Xeon scalable" board work? Example candidate: X12SPL-F | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. In general, I really just need pseudo workstation board of any type that can support a Xeon...
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    Canada WTB: Multiple EPYC Rome/Milan

    I need 128 cores total, and strongly prefer non-QS/ES although off roadmap is OK (7v12, 7B12, etc.) So looking for 2x64 or 4x32 or well, whatever you got. Prefer North America, but even EU is ok. Thanks
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    EPYC Milan on Supermicro H11 board?

    Hi Everyone. Any idea if Milan does or will work on H11DSi? I ask because that board and it's variants are my go-to, but there is no H12 generation version.
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    ICX6450: Register DHCP leases with DNS server

    Hey everyone, I did a bunch of googling on this and I can't figure it out, and I can't even find the topic in the support documents. I'm running pfsense + ICX6450 with vlans. I have the pfsense in only 1 subnet and run DHCP on the switch. DHCP works fine but the switch seems to both: 1.Have no...
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    FS: DDR4-2400/3000+ 16GB Sticks UDIMM

    Hi All, I have 4 x 16GB sticks for DDR4-2400, but hear me out... This stuff overclocks great and doesn't need crazy volts to do it. I run it at 3066 MHz 16-18-18-18 @ standard 1.35 volts on Ryzen AM4. It may very well go higher, I can tell you my Ryzen doesn't :( It is quality workstation...
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    WTS: 16 GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM [12 Avail]

    SOLD OUT! I have 4 sticks remaining (started with 16) of 16 GB DDR4-2133 ECC UDIMM. Model KVR21E15D8/16 I have also qualified them all on Ryzen AM4 AX370 Gaming 5 as working stable at 2400 MHz. I tested this configuration for days... They are retail from Amazon, so have warranty. Asking...
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    WTT: DDR4-2133 16x16GB ECC UDIMMs for RDIMMS

    Edit: I caved and bought new sticks. The UDIMMS will be for sale shortly. I have 256 GB of DDR4-2133 ECC UDIMMs in 16GB sticks. I need either RDIMMs or LRDIMMs. I did a swap thinking it would work in my server, and oops, my board doesn't support UDIMMS, didn't realize some boards didn't. If...
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    FS: Kingston DDR4-2400 32GB LRDIMM

    I have a single stick of Kingston KTH-PL424L/32G. LRDIMM 32GB 2400 MT/s. Was a mistake order, was tested and then put aside, so basically new. $350 OBO... Now $250 and still OBO! Would love to see trades on: DDR4 ECC UDIMM Ryzen
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    Twinax Infiniband Cables - Speed Issue

    So my cluster uses QDR Infiniband (Mellanox Connectx-2 cards). To date I had bought all 2 m passive twinax cables. These got me consistently 3300+ MB/s and around a 1.2 to 1.3 microsecond latency latency = 1.3766 microseconds bytes bandwidth MB/s ----- --------------...
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    STH Build a Server for Charity Log - Subtitle TBD :P

    I'm excited to see that I, a relatively new forum member, have been approved for Round 1 of the Build a Server for Charity event. I entered based a proposal of a low cost server that I was already planning on building regardless, and for that build I want to stay true to the idea of building a...
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    Solaris 11/11 Hard Drive Spin Down

    Hi Everyone, First post. I want to start by thanking everyone on this site for all the information they have made available such that I could make this build possible. Skip ahead if you want, heh. Just 6 months ago I was using a windows file server with no redundancy and drawing over...