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    EXPIRED SuperServer 2028TP-HC0TR 4 Blade (1) E5-2620 V4 | 192GB MEM Each blade As for me a great deal. Unfortunately in the US, therefore postage to EU will cost a fortune.
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    EU [WTB] 2,5" 7200 or 10000 RPM SATA HDD - up to 50 peices

    I am looking for drives with following parameters: - 7200 or 10000 rpm - 2,5" - SATA - size > 100GB We are going to use them as temp files drives with many rewrites. SSDs are therefore not an option.
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    EU [WTB] X10DRT-PS

    As title sais, I am looking for X10DRT-PS motherboards for CSE-217 chassis. If someone has available or sees some, please let me know.
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    EU [WTB] Large qty of hard drives

    For our long term offline backup we are looking for high qty drives of almost any size. Total capacity should aim at 1PB.
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    EU [WTB] 64x 16GB DDR3 ECC Registered

    Looking for 64 pieces of 16GB DDR3 ECC Registered to upgrade our ceph cluster. If you know about a good deal on ebay, I will be grateful for that as well. EU is not a requirement, postage will just be cheaper. Thanks
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    NL to EU cheap parcel service with pickup

    I bought a server in a auction in NL and the seller doesn't provide shipment by himself. The seller however will prepare the parcel. Anyone with experience with shipping companies from NL to EU? Thanks in advance
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    Supermicro 4 node twin - internal SSD

    Hi, so I found this picture on ebay. And I am not able to find out where the power of this ssd comes from. Unfortunately, I lost the original listing, I have just this one picture. Thanks for the help.
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    EU WTB 8TB SAS drives

    Our supplier got out of stock and we would like to extend our storage. Therefore we are looking for: 8TB drives SAS 512e preferable, 4kN would work as well 2 years warranty (shorter warranty is also possible) Total qty we would like to buy: 200+ Smaller qty is also welcome.
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    Looking for 2x1GE LACP router advisory

    Hi, in our backup location I am looking for new pair of routers. We get from our provider: - 2x 1GE LACP - Several IPv4 ranges routed via connection route - /48 IPv6 range - We split both IPv4 and IPv6 to our internal VLANs The goal is to migrate the infrastructure from old cisco 3650 to...
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    Looking: 1U 8x3,5" HDD, 2PSU

    I am not sure if this is in production, but we would like to have a small testing ceph based on 1U servers (8 pieces). So we are looking for: - 1U - Redundant PSU - 8 pieces of 3,5" drive slots (+2x2,5" for system is nice to have) - space for E-2100 supermicro motherboard If you know about...
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    EU WTB: Xeon E3 v3 + 8GB modules

    I am going to build 8 servers with E3 v3. To finish my setup I need 8 pieces of CPU (E3-1220v3 or similar preferably) and as many as possible 8GB RAM modules. Thanks!
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    2 CPUs from china, both of them have issue with memory

    So, I bought 2 CPUs from china. One was a month ago - E5-2618Lv2, the other one was half a year ago - E3-1220Lv3. Strangely both of them have issue if I populate memory according to the manual. Tested MBs: X10SSL-F + E3-1220Lv3. If I populate DIMM A1 or DIMM A1 + DIMM B1, I get B7 (memory...
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    Bios modification - X9SRW-F + iPXE

    Hi, is there anyone with bios modification experience? As we use IPv6 in our network, we usualy use external network card on non-uefi servers. This unfortunately consumes one PCI-E slot. We would like to try building a custom bios with iPXE support and flashed it right to the server. If...
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    AP8858NA3 - will it work on 230V?

    I found 6 of these for ~600USD on ebay, which is good price for me. Nevertheless there is huge problem with documentation I have. There are 2 versions, the main difference is in nominal output voltage - AP8858 - this ranges from 100V to 240V - AP8858NA3 - this is supposed to be 208V only...
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    WTB: Ex-netflix 1U Supermicro 10 bay single E5

    We missed our opportunity and bought only ~ 20 pieces of these great servers. Now they are gone and we are looking for more. If you know about anyone who has them and not going to use, we can make a deal. SuperMicro Server 10 Bay 2.5" SATA/SAS/SSD CSE-116 X9SRH-7F SAS-116TQ E5-2650L | eBay
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    EU WTB HP G8 1U inner rail

    Hi, I have one broken inner rail for my hp dl320e v2 g8. New one costs something like 80 USD including postage, which seems as a waste to me. If there is anyone around with unused/broken railkit, we can very likely help each other. PS: Compared to supermicro, HP railkit is piece of shit...
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    Supermicro trays shines red (1U, on board SATA)

    Hi, I got a problem, which I don't know what causes it. I have 1U supermicro server with 4 SATA ports connected directly to the on-board. The backplane still let HDD trays to shine red (no blinking). Seems like I miss a jumper somewhere, because we replaces MB and it still persists. No matter...
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    dwarfpool down?

    Anyone knows what is happening? has been returning me following message since morning: Due to technical maintenance the website will be offline for a short period of time. All your shares are calculated, all pool servers work. Payments will be started as soon as possible.
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    Office cabinet recommendation

    Hi, my current goal is to move all spare hardware, which now lays on floor, to cabinets in our office. We talk about 50U of equipment that we need to host in something, so I am looking for something like 2x ~30U cabinets. Generally I don't want anything higher as we have small office without...
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    WTB: Supermicro 1U, 2,5" trays, 2x PSU, 2x E5 (qty: 20)

    Hi, we are looking for 20+ servers with following configuration: - Vendor: Supermicro - Case: 1U with 8x or 10x 2,5" trays, Dual PSU is must - MB: Dual CPU E5 v2 and higher - RAM: either none or any - 8G or 16G modules prefered, but we have our own supplies - CPU: preferably none - we are...