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    Sandisk Skyhawk as a desktop drive?

    I'm thinking of picking up a Sandisk Skyhawk NVMe 1.2 SSD for use in my desktop PC with an M.2 to U.2 converter. Any thoughts on this vs something like an EVO 860?
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    Aquanita based 10G-BaseT switches coming

    Lower Cost 10GBase-T Switches Coming: 4, 5 and 8-port Aquantia Solutions at ~$30/Port Supporting 2.5/5/10G-BaseT with pricing expected to be around $30 per port. No word on management features, but I'd expect just a simple web interface.
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    picoPSU and A1SRi-2558F

    I picked up a A1SRi-2558F and am thinking about using a picoPSU with it. I'll be using it as a PFSense system, so I'll only need to add an SSD. Would a 90w picoPSU be sufficient?
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    Netgear NBASE-T switch Eight 1G/2.5G ports POE+, with 2 of those supporting 5G Two 10G SFP+ uplinks. Not cheap, but interesting nonetheless. N0w we just need the 2.5G/5G NICs...
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    X9SRL-F $175 shipped

    Pretty good deal I came across. FS: Supermicro X9SRL-F, Xeon E5-1620, EK Fury X Waterblock, EK Triple Terminal - [H]ard|Forum
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    Any M-ITX C2558 boards besides the SM one?

    Has anyone come across a M-ITX C2558 board aside from the Supermicro? I'm looking for a regular board with IPMI, not a custom one like the Netgate, etc.
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    Server crashes when hotswapping drives with Perc H700

    I have a Perc H700 (flashed to 9260) connected to a "5 in 3" and a "3 in 2" hotswap drive cage. Server is running Windows Server 2012 R2. I had a drive show up as "Unconfigured Bad", so I pulled it to swap in a new drive. As soon as I pulled the drive, the server crashed and rebooted. I...
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    E5-2670 SR0KX and ECC RAM

    Came across this on the [H] forums. I have everything I need for now, so figured I'd pass it along. E5-2670s and ECC RAM - [H]ard|Forum **************************************************** Project didn't work out .. so my loss is your gain! E5-2670 V1 Retail (used) SR0KX, $100 shipped, lots...
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    Any hot swap cages larger than 5 in 3?

    Has anyone come across hot swap drive cages that are larger than 5 3.5" in 3 5.25"? I know I could do multiple cages, but was curious if there was like a 9 in 6 or something.
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    LSI SAS 2308 vs Intel onboard RAID 10

    I'm looking to build a small (6 or so VMs) Hyper-V server at home using RAID-10. Are there any performance benefits going with an LSI SAS 2308 controller vs the onboard Intel PCH controller?