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    FYI Best Buy Business Accounts NO Discounts

    Last year for business accounts you received 10% off everything. This year it changed to 10% off regular price items only. Now, no more 10% for anything, including full retail price items.
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    Best Buy WD 8TB EasyStore $129.99

    Best Buy WD 8TB Easystore sale started today 03/21/2019 $129.99.
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    Best Buy WD 10TB w Flash Drive $169.99, now $159.99

    President's Sale $169.99 with 32GB usb drive
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    Best Buy WD External 8TB $139 NESN 12/07/17

    Best Buy Door Buster sale today and it is the better NESN version. I missed the last one at $149 one day sale. So, new sale today is $139. No worry about 3.3v taping needed.