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  1. realtomatoes

    help sort out rhev/ovirt networking for a vmware guy

    am working on a POC and a little stumped with the networking side. coming from vSphere, i was hoping some RHEV/ovirt veterans can help clear up my confusion. current esxi nodes run with 3 nics spread across 3 vswitches (yes, not vDS). one for management, vmotion and last for VMs. from what i...
  2. realtomatoes

    x9sri-f won't boot with more than 2 dimm

    are these mobos really picky with ram? tried both my 8gb ecc samsung and 16gb ecc hynix 1333mhz dimm sets that works fine on my asrock EPC602D8A . i've reset the bios to default too, same thing. is there anything in the bios that i may screwed up? ipmi works, at least.
  3. realtomatoes

    WTB 8x16GB ddr3 registered ecc 1333mhz

    If you gents got spares, happy to take them off your hands. I need 8x16gb for a new node am building with a x9sri-f.
  4. realtomatoes

    Ultrastar 7K3000 SAS cable question

    i bought some of these for my hp h220 when i realized my SFF 8087 cable had 4 sata connectors. just need confirmation i need a Mini SAS 36 SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 for these drives, right?
  5. realtomatoes

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017 i always enjoy reading these, dunno why.
  6. realtomatoes

    how much of a dust magnet is a Silverstone CS380?

    i was wondering if we got some users who own or owned a Silverstone CS380. was reading the manual for the case when i noticed it didn't have any filters on it. was wondering how dusty these things get.
  7. realtomatoes

    are netlist "hypercloud" ram compatible with other ddr3 ecc ram?

    so i ran into some ibm hardware that had netlist hypercloud ram. haven't heard of the oem, figured might as well ask folks who may have worked with it before. so, are they just your average ddr3 and will they work with the rest of the oem ddr3s as long as they have the same speed?
  8. realtomatoes

    what's a decent ddr3 16gb ecc price these days?

    wanted to ask what you folks think is a decent price for some 16gb ddr3 ecc ram on ebay. outside of buying new stuff for the office, i've never really bought some for myself, so guidance from veterans is appreciated.
  9. realtomatoes

    gigabyte 1080 Ti Gaming $639.99 @ebay

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DirectX 12 GV-N108TGAMING OC-11GD 11GB 352-Bit GDDR | eBay
  10. realtomatoes

    Working ESXi on Ryzen

    gents, a user on reddit just managed to boot up ESXi on ryzen. says all he did was disable SMT on bios. appreciate if ryzen owners could confirm that? thread here.
  11. realtomatoes

    MICRON M600 1TB $189

    go get 'em guys MICRON M600 1TB 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive (MTFDDAK1T0MBF-1AN1ZABYY)
  12. realtomatoes

    dlink 16 port gigabit + 2 sfp+ 10gbe $250 on amazon

    stumbled onto this Sixteen (16) 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports Two (2) 10-Gigabit SFP+ Ports Two (2) Gigabit SFP Ports D-Link Systems 20-Port SmartPro Stackable Switch & 2 Gigabit SFP Ports and 2 10GbE SFP+ Ports (DGS-1510-20): Computers & Accessories
  13. realtomatoes

    how'd you improve zfs performance?

    i got freenas running on a 2 vcpu 8gb vm on esxi with passthrough to the intel sata ports (2x 6gbps and 4x3gbps). it currently has 4x1tb 7200rpm drives in raid10. it serves the shared datastore to my vmwre lab via iscsi. since i only got 2 extra sata ports to expand and improve the performance...