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    Where to find HP D2600/2700 firmware?

    I bought 3 HP D2600 LFF SAS drive enclosures off ebay. They do not have the same firmware installed and my megaraid card complains and will not recognize them when all are connected due to the firmware not matching. (it works fine with the two that match or the other but not a combination of...
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    ? suggestions for connecting dual port NVME U.2 drives?

    I keep seeing 3.8TB Intel D4502 nvme drives on $3-500. These are Dual Port NVME and need a dual port backplane, etc to work. I have looked around but have not found any machines or parts with this as an option. I would love to setup a multi disk raid with these to replace my...
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    crappy SSD raid performance - suggestions?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for suggestions to a problem I am having. I have a single Adaptec 72405 24 port raid card directly connected to 14 Samsung SV843 960GB SSD. Looking at Adpatec's literature (google series7_performance_wp.pdf) the card can deliver almost 5,800 MB/s read and 1,800 MB/s...
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    40Gbe infiniband 36 port switch $220

    Not sure who uses infiniband but what a great price for 40Gbe switches. MELLANOX VOLTAIRE GRID DIRECTOR 4036 1PS 40GBE INFINIBAND SWITCH 4669-HCP-IBM | eBay
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    NEW 480Gb Samsung SM843T Data Center Series SSD $100

    Found this on ebay. Great deal for new data center drives. 480Gb Samsung SM843T Data Center Series SATA 6.0 7mm 2.5" Solid State Drive SSD enjoy.
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    6 pack SFP+ DAC cables $25

    For everyone looking to add 10Gbe cheaply, you can buy 1,2, and 3 meter Direct attach cables in packs of 6,12, and 24 from Look under the accessories tab. (They also have Quanta 10Gbe switches.)
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    Quanta 2ML Render Farm - rack, 10 dual e5-2670 and 10Gb switch $3850 has these listed.. I might have bought this if I had not already purchased windmill systems. "This item is 10 of our Quanta 2ML's packed full of goodies and shipped in a server rack. 10x Quanta 2ML 20x E5-2670 80x 4gb Samsung PC3-10600R Quanta LB6M Shipped in a RACK with SFP cables...