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    EMC Isilion NL410 HDD support

    Hi, does anyone know if The NL410 supports non EMC branded HDDs? How about changing controllers/MBs? And can anyone tell me how loud they are? I'm currently looking at these and they seem to be a pretty great deal for a 36x 3.5" solution with caddies. Any thoughts?
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    Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO S740 Inofficial max RAM

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking at a bunch of cheap S740 for a little, cheap, lower-powered cluster fun. The official specs claim 8GB RAM max (as does the intel ark page for the J4105 this machine is based on). I now that the Asrock J4105-itx has been tested with up to 32GB of RAM. Does...
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    IBM EXP3512 or EMC KTN-STL3

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me out. I'm just starting my homelab journey and am looking to build a "small" storage solution. I have come across some cheap IBM EXP3512s and EMC KTN-STL3s. I would like to use them as a DAS directly connected to my R520. Can anyone tell me if these support 8TB...
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    Converting old server gear

    Hey, I still have a few very old servers lying around and I'm wondering if throwing in some new MBs, backplanes, PSUs could work with some handy dandy dremel engineering. The idea is to make a new storage server on the cheap. I have the following that I could use basically as a barebones...
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    Are there any cheap, used, non-blowimatron, 2U, LGA1150 rackmount servers?

    Hi, I have a xeon 1230 v3 and 16GB ram lying around that I would like to put to good use in advancing my datahoarding issues, but I'm not sure how. Maybe you guys have some suggestions? I wanna go with a Netapp DS4243 or DS4246 for storage and need a server for it - hopefully one that fits the...
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    Intel Omni-Path in the homelab for direct connect

    Hi guys, I've seen some relatively cheap Intel 100Gbps Omni-path adapters ( 100HFA016LS ) on ebay recently and was wondering if someone has dealt with those in a homelab setting, as I haven't been able to find much info on them apart from HPC/datacenter stuff. I'm mostly interested if they can...