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  1. ExecutableFix


    This might be a really weird request since I don't think this is officially out yet. I'm looking for DDR5 RDIMMs. I am not sure what the price would be for these, so if you have them feel free to suggest a good price. The speed and capacity don't really matter. Thanks for your time! - ExecutableFix
  2. ExecutableFix

    FS: Multiple EPYC Rome 7V12 | Updated November 14th

    I've got the following EPYCs up for sale: Qty Item Specs Price 0 EPYC Rome 7V12 64-core processor 2.45GHz base, 3.3GHz boost, 240W $ 3500 / € 3050 ppu 0 EPYC Rome 7452 32-core processor 2.35GHz base, 3.35GHz boost, 155W $1400 / €1150 ppu 0 EPYC Rome OEM 7742 64-core processor...
  3. ExecutableFix

    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    In November of 2019 I first got my hands on an AMD EPYC Naples engineering sample. I thought it was really cool you could overclock 32-cores for a lot cheaper than a 2990WX and achieve mostly the same performance. Once I saw that there were next-generation EPYC Rome engineering samples floating...
  4. ExecutableFix

    AMD ES ZS1406E2VJUG5 microcode version?

    Hey all, I recently got my hands on this EPYC Rome engineering sample, according to the previous owner it was fully working on an HP ProLiant server. The physical appearance of the cpu is as expected, no capacitors (or transistors) have been damaged. I have a rev 2 supermicro H11SSL-i, which...