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    [US-MD/DC] WTS Radeon E9173 $50

    I just bought refurbished 5070 Extended with an AMD Embedded Radeon E9173 2GB GDDR5. I don't need the gpu part of it, so willing to sell it for $50 cash if picked up from my parents (as I ordered it to them to bring to me overseas) in Maryland (right outside of beltway in montgomery country)...
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    where to download fio-util (fusion io)

    Wondering if anyone has pointers on where to download fio-util (preferably a debian package for ubuntu, but anything would work) for a fusion io card I was gifted. thanks.
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    Fortigate 60D as a vlan layer3 switch?

    Someone gifted me a Fortigate 60D and I'm trying to figure out how to make it allow me to isolate my IOT (smart home) wifi network from the rest of my devices. What I want is a layer3, so that I can set firewall rules that enable my home vlan to connect to the iot vlan (for home assistant...
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    sata dom in HP DL380P G8 with sata odd->sata cable?

    Has anyone (or does it make sense) that I should be able to use a sandisk SATA dom in a HP DL380P G8 with a female to female 13->22 pin cable and have the system boot off of it? someone has offered me, and I'm wondering if it makes sense that I can make it my boot device?
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    such a thing as a QSFP 10gbe rj45 transceiver?

    Is there such a thing? or would one need a QSFP->SFP+ adapter and then a 10gbe rj45 transceiver in it? (or a mess with breakout cables, I was thinking a QSFP+ tranceiver could fake the breakout cables and basically treat only one of the 10gbe lanes as "active").
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    help me with understanding vlan's and security

    I'm trying to understand vlans and security and I'm hoping people can correct my explanation of my understanding if I get something wrong. - At the purest level VLANs are separate virtual networks that switch prevents from communicating - This isn't always that great, so a switch can enable...
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    Enabling SR-IOV on an HP DL380P G8 makes it "red screen"

    So, I tried enabling SR-IOV on my HP DL380-P G8's and they red screen during post (somewhere after the thermal test) with the illegal opcode message. anyone have any idea why this might occur? some bad PCI-E card that causes problems with SR-IOV? something else? Driving me nuts.
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    [WTB] [US-MD/DC] HP DL380P G8 3.5" Caddies (up to 12)

    Looking to buy 12 caddies. can get them for $60 total elsewhere, looking to see if anyone has them cheaper (MD side of DC area, even better)
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    grounded (3 prong) vs ungrounded (2 prong) ac adapters?

    Is their any difference between them. i.e. between an ac adapter that takes a C5 cable (what I call the mickey mouse cable) vs an unpolarized C7 cable. In the US I preferred the C7 cables, but now that I'm overseas, wondering if I should stick with AC adapters that take a C5 and a 3 prong...
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    WTB: Mellanox CX3 card

    it seems the prices on these have risen precipitously in the past 6 months (I bought 5 for $75 total off of ebay last feb (though took half a year+ to get to me!). I'm now looking for another one to stick into an dell wyse 5070 extended (i.e. to be plex server with high speed access to all the...
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    "generic" QFSP to RJ45 breakout cables?

    I found this from Dell Dell Networking Cable QSFP+ to 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ45) Copper Breakout Cable 1 meter : Display Solutions | Dell Greece but am wondering if there's any company that makes a more "generic" (i.e. more affordable) one (or at least a set of SKUs with different trancievers...
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    mellanox sx6036 and cx3 cards

    I have an sx6036 that has been licensed for VPI and I have CX3 cards that I have flashed with the latest firmware and can put their 2 ports into ethernet mode (can see the devices come up in dmesg and ethtool enumerates them just fine). however, none of the direct attach cables I have...
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    juniper ex2200 configuration

    I was given a ex2200 for free, and I can't figure out how to reset it (also don't have a working console cable at this point in time, but working on that). Is it possible to reset it where I can easily connect a free ethernet port on a machien to its management port to then continue the...
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    [WTB] 16-18 14TB SAS or SATA hard drives

    prices are still high, so I figure this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking to buy 16-18 14TB drives for use in my homelab ceph cluster for $250 per drive (i.e. $4500 for 18 $4000 for 16). anyone interested in making a sale on these terms?
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    FS: 18 14TB White Label Seagate Exos x14 SAS drive - $7600

    I was planning on kitting out 3 12 bay servers with 36 drives, but was a bit slow (was waiting on taxes) and only bought half the drives I wanted before chia hit. I can use them, but figure they might be of more value to others. They are located in MD (very close to DC/beltway, if you want to...
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    WTT: SX6036 reverse air flow (power->connectors) for normal air flow (connectors->power) parts

    I have an sx6036 that is the "normal" configuration (meant to be mounted on front of rack. I'm looking for someone who has the reversed air flow one (meant to be mounted on back of rack) and is willing to trade the parts that would switch ours. Feel its a long shot, but no harm in asking. The...
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    possible to easily/safely flip fan direction on an sx6036?

    i have a sx6036 that front to back airflow and as I wanted it mounted on the back of my rack (short direct attach cables), it probably be best if it was reversed (though for a home lab probably not the biggest deal). Wondering if its possible to flip them easily/safely?
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    oracle f80 / nytro warp drive "trim count" meaning?

    while most of the the health results are relatively self explanatory, I was wondering if people knew what "trim count" meant. i.e. I'm seeing Trim Count 76554240 for all 4 SSDs (but part of a single 800GB raid) in ddcli's health check. thanks
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    mellanox default ip address

    so it seems the serial console port on my sx6036 might be busted (at least I don't have a serial cable that seems to be able to get anything out of it). However, with a bit of digging with wireshark, it appears the default ip is (technically netmask, but it seemed to work...
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    bootstrapping an sx6036 without a usb serial cable

    Is it possible to get this thing bootstrapped (i.e. some static ip that the management port will come up as, that can then be used to configure dhcp?) or do I just have to bite the bullet and buy a usb->rj45 serial cable? (cisco?)