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  1. KC@Gadgetblues

    Affordable high endurance SATA SSD to replace my DC S3610?

    I use a 200 GB Intel DC S3610 (3 DWPD rated) for my surveillance cameras but it's coming up on 5 years, and I could use a bit larger model (500GB or 1TB). Any recommendations? Refurb is OK due to the endurance. Host is Synology DS3617xs. For reference, DC S3610 specs are 84K 4K IOPS read, 28K...
  2. KC@Gadgetblues

    Where can I get that plastic adapter to stack 2 BP7 batteries for a UPS?

    My dual BP7 battery stack got recycled before I could remove the plastic spacer & jumper that go between the two batteries. This is the thing that stacks two BP7 lead-acid UPS batteries with one right-side-up and the other upside-down, with tape to keep them stuck together. Not sure what it's...
  3. KC@Gadgetblues

    Gigabyte Vision 10G LAN Card GC-AQC113G

    Gigabyte has announced a Vision-style 10G NIC based on the new Marvell Aquantia AQC113C. Pricing not stated but said to be similar to other 10G Aquantia NICs. There is no datasheet for the AQC113C on Marvell's site. The 113 comes in 3 flavors: AQC113, AQC113C & AQC113CS, all of which use the...
  4. KC@Gadgetblues

    [FS] [US-WA] 24-Bay 4U Server AMD EPYC 16-Core, 64GB RAM, Hardware RAID

    24-Bay 4U Server AMD EPYC 16-Core, 64GB RAM, Hardware RAID Will deliver to a business address within the greater Seattle area, or meet in Bellevue WA. No shipping.
  5. KC@Gadgetblues

    [Newegg] ASRock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R mATX 8-core Xeon D-1541 mobo with SFP+ $179!

    Asrock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R Server Motherboard Intel Xeon D1541 SFP DDR4 ECC DIMM - ASRock Rack > D1541D4U-2O8R
  6. KC@Gadgetblues

    Looking for fanless web-managed 24-port 1GbE switch with 2 SFP+ uplinks

    I'm looking for a fanless web-managed 24-to-28-port 1GbE switch with 2 SFP+ 10Gb uplinks. Any suggestions? No Microtik due to historical security concerns. No "cloud managed". Currently using an HPE but wow, HPE's site makes it impossible to find products. I did find an HPE unmanaged 1420...
  7. KC@Gadgetblues

    Need SFP+ direct connect cable recommendation

    I'm connecting QLogic Broadcom 10GBe SFP+ NICs to a Netgear XS512EM 10GbE switch with 2 SFP+ ports. I tried these cables and they didn't work: I don't get any network connection at all, the lights don't light up. Suggestions please!
  8. KC@Gadgetblues

    Desperately seeking SlimSAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8087 cables

    All I need to complete my Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 EPYC build is 4 SlimSAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8087 cables to plug into my SuperMicro direct-attach backplane. There are plenty of these cables in searches, but they all trace back to the same Chinese supplier Chenyang which ships direct out of Shenzhen with...
  9. KC@Gadgetblues

    Tool to compare x percent of files on a fileshare?

    I just replaced an old fileserver with a new one, and copied over all of the data. I want to have a high degree of confidence that the data is intact on the new array, but I can't spare the time to binary compare 100 TB of files. I'd be satisfied if I could verify, say, 10% of the files. Is...
  10. KC@Gadgetblues

    eBay spot: Proliant 580 quad-socket 40 cores & 256GB RAM $969us

    HP ProLiant DL580 G7 4x E7-4860 40-Core Server 256Gb RAM 8x 146GB SAS P410i ILO3 | eBay The V-12 Mercedes S-Class of servers, both in concept and resale value precentage.