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    From E5-v4 to Xeon W. A worthy upgrade?

    Bummer. If the x8 slots were "open" you'd be fine though.
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    From E5-v4 to Xeon W. A worthy upgrade?

    What about: X11SRL-F | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. Edit: Supermicro X11SRL-F - Motherboards, UP Xeon
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    From E5-v4 to Xeon W. A worthy upgrade?

    So am not the only one looking at this...With the trend of the W-21XX and W-22XX CPUs also dropping, I might skip buying more v4s despite the prices now. From a bird's eye view, single core performance is better and so to is power consumption. You also get more pcie lanes and rdimm and lrdimms...
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    EVGA midweekmadness 1080ti's $350 & 2080ti's $550 x99 motherboard $99

    I see some x99 boards. Some here have been looking.
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    HGST 8TB SAS HUH728080AL5200

    16 more in stock
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    SR-IOV on Ampere

    So the answer is a "No" for the time being. If SR-IOV exists on the hardware, how difficult would it be to eventually enable it?:
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    Mikrotik 40Gb Interface Configuration - 4 ports?

    Yes, you can try bonding.
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    Mikrotik 40Gb Interface Configuration - 4 ports?

    AFAIK hw switching is supported on certain modes. LACP, I believe, does support it.
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    SR-IOV on Ampere

    Is there any truth in this ??:
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    WTB: IcyDock FatCage MB154SP-B

    Open to alternatives?
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    New Supermicro BMC interface

    Man....that sucks. Guess we're stuck with java in the foreseeable future.
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    New Supermicro BMC interface

    Can you mount a virtual drive in html5 yet??
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    TrueNAS Beta 2 is working great!

    It's gotta be a nasty bug to get a beta 12.2.1 update.
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    Build Feedback: 96TB NAS w/ Room For Expansion

    Should consider getting a server MB. The supermicro brand is well respected amongst the FreeNAS community. I would also suggest that IPMI is a must for headless management (almost all server grade MBs have them with various licensing options). If your using the GPU just to hook up a monitor for...
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    TrueNAS Beta 2 is working great!

    Recently tested 11.2U1 through 12 Beta 2. Not only is it much more stable as a VM on esxi (no buggy pass through issues with a nvme and network card) but performance is great. Up time of over a week and absolutely no issues. Also, API key management is very nice and integrates well with the...
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    Running 6 in mirrored zfs pool as a NFS share for esxi VMs. Have 99% endurance left after 2+ years of 24/7 homelab use and no issues. Only thing to note is that they run a little hot, so be sure to have adequate cooling. For the price some of us got them at during the 2018 OWC fire sale, they...
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    X10SLM-LN4F Toubleshooting.

    Your gonna have to power off and short CMOS jumpers for a couple minutes and not just remove CMOS battery to reset CMOS. You should also validate the CPU, memory and PSU on another system to eliminate point of failure. Are you able to power on? If not you could contact
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    Supermicro X10SRH-CLN4F BIOS power settings for VMware

    VMware guidance aside, I use these settings for an esxi 7.0 Windows 2019 Server VM: FAQ Entry | Online Support | Support - Super Micro Computer, Inc. I get on par or better passmark scores. However, I've never been able to get similar scores on a Windows 10 Pro VM.
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    Weird Postcode B4 IPMI Issue

    I'm on a X10SRW-F Supermicro MB with latest bios and ipmi. MB hangs at postcode B4 when I insert an ISO through virtual media. However, if I eject the virtual media, it boots fine. Any ideas? Many thanks.