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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    Is the JSE license exponentially more expensive? And you need to buy a 'license' per device you have on hand I assume?
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    eBay - Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 - $168

    Damn, wish I picked some up.
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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    I'm circling back around to this and still awfully confused by the licensing that you can buy. It's clear that there's the JSB and JSE licenses. But are they yearly or perpetual? Is there a difference between hardware support, tech support, and software support in terms of entitlements and...
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    SRX300 Firmware

    Can anyone share the latest SRX300 firmware files?
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    Ruckus Unleashed and ZD1100 Zone Director

    Can APs with unleashed firmware still be managed and logged with ZD1100 or do they need to be flashed back to original firmware and is the process as simple as it was to flash non-unleashed FW to unleashed?
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    Dell X-series networking

    What did you upgrade to? I got my X4012s for 275 + shipping together on ebay(so $138~ each), the seller seemed motivated to move them. I'm always on the lookout for anything with fancier web interfaces as I like everything to be accessible from a web browser with a modern interface. I still have...
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    Dell X-series networking

    What kind of scenario/lab environment are you using your X4012s in? I have 2 because I wanted a redundant environment for vSAN but wanted to play with some other HCI tech as well like Nutanix and S2D. I expect them to be fine for those use cases.
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    eBay - Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 - $168

    Dang, nice price.
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    Looking for x2 uSATA (1.8") Intel S3700 400GB

    bump, still looking for these sadly
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    I just sold one to him :) he motivated to get the rest of them listed haha.
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    FS: 4x Supermicro X10SRH-CF LGA-2011v3 ATX Motherboards

    Hello, I have 4 of these I'd like to move as an entire lot, I'm asking $600 shipped. I do not have any I/O shields but will include 1U passive narrow ILM heatsinks (supermicro brand). Really don't want to part to reduce shipping overhead (time+costs). These were going to be for a project but I...
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    Dell X-series networking

    I know a common complaint about these switches is the dog slow web GUI. Is this still an issue in updated firmwares?
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    Intel e5-2696 v2 CPU for $125 FS or cheaper

    imo this is not a good deal at all, when e5-2678 v3 are cheaper. yes, i'm aware it's a different platform.
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    [WTB] Brocade ICX6450-24p

    I have a icx7250-24 non-PoE I'm looking to sell, as I'm going to get a dell switch instead to unify my setup, if anyone is interested. it's been updated already to a recent firmware and the 8x10 gbe ports have been 'unlocked' with the honor license. i honestly can't remember what IP i set it to...
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    E5-2678v3 - $90

    So, still wondering, is the performance of these chips mangled at all by the presence of the DDR3 IMC when using it in a conventional DDR4 system like a Dell M630?
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    Supermicro X10SRH-CF

    I have 4 or 5 I need to move. Interested in quantity?