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    Server Mystery
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    Server Mystery

    Back in the day when I had C6100, there was a dell site for ‘C’ series servers with the FW and drivers. I think the link is in the guides/resources section here. Let me see if I still have the link. Hopefully it has the files you are looking for.
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    E5-2640v1 to?

    Power saving is definitely a + if you can keep the delta cost of swapping CPUs to a minimum. I think the other benefit going to v2 on Intel S2600CP boards was to gain wider PCIe Gen3 compatibility. v1 on those boards only supposed select cards at Gen3 speeds and rest at Gen2 speeds. Not sure...
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    Motherboards that use unbuffered DDR3 ECC SODIMMs? Pricing Compared to ITX w/ ECC UDIMM

    The boards like Supermicro x9spv variants are stupidly expensive. Not sure of the other manufacturers. I was lucky and won an auction for a really good price late last year.
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    Tower case for that fits EE-ATX with at least 4 x 5.25" drives?

    If you are not after the sleeker looks, Supermicro 745 should work with the board, 8 x 3.5 hotswap, 3x 5.25 bays
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    Supermicro 846 chassis

    This listin popped up on my CL alerts. Not a great price but negotiable and the seller has quantity available. San Antonio and surrounding areas can avoid shipping. Internals are pretty dated so not worth much if any...
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    E5-2678v3 - $90

    Welcome to the STH community and thank you for the offer to help. I believe you have the files on github repo. I have couple of variants of Supermicro single socket boards. X10SRA & X10SRH with V3 CPUs. I recall vaguely reading that lack of heatsink on the VRM, SM boards are not preferred...
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    pfSense on T520?

    You need atleast 2 NIC ports. That’s why plus versions, which have a PCIe slot, are recommended. you also need to verify if T520’s CPU can handle your requirements.
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    LSI 9206-16e reading temp in linux?

    You can get the latest version of Storcli and try storcli /c0 show all | grep -i temperature
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    Repurposing a bunch of old servers to something better (150pcs)

    Fellow forum member @BLinux wrote a script for this exact purpose. Here is the link on github:
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    I think those two are the exception in the non-SQ line for noise
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    If you are planning for a JBOD in 836 chassis and connect all 16 drives, You need either 1 x AOM-SAS3-16i16e or 2 x of the 8i8e ones you linked. You need 4 x SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 cables - Link 1 x 16E or 2 x of 8E HBAs in the host that will be connecting to this JBOD.. 4 x (SFF-8643 to 4x...
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    TQ & A back planes will support 12gbps provided you have the right HBA and quality cables.
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    Does this have narrow or Wide edge connector? PWS-1K28-SQ is compatible only with PDBs that have wider edge connectors.
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    ^^^ Wish I was as diligent. A while ago I got a Elitedesk 800 G2 SFF and it did have some factory warranty. Windows 10 install gave BSOD. I ran HW diags and didn't find anything. Prime95 & memtest also were fine. Had other priorities and let this one sit unused for a while and now I see...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Below are some tips when you are in the market for a rack in US. - if you live near a large metro area, setup alerts on craigslist. Full height 42u are more common than 24u and shorter. - Also make sure it is full depth (1070mm) or close to it. (Speaking from experience:) ) - Square holes.
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    I paid $250 ea for 32gb RDIMMs (not LR) during the spike about couple of years ago and it was a decent price. Going rate for 16gb at that time was $125 and 32 was over $300.
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    WTB: Oculink SFF-8611 -> SFF-8611 cables

    I have 800 mm length new intel branded ones. They are straight on one end and right angle on the other end.
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    Shameless plug! I've a couple of 16x sets 3.5 caddies. One set of 16x is Coraid branded SM trays. @itronin - I have PWS-501P-1R. They are Platinum rated and quiet. I don't have experience but read here that PWS-741P-1R are also quiet and Platinum rated. Also here is a search for less...
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    ^^^ This. I suck at routing the cables and neatly organized and get envious of folks who do an immaculate job. I have a 836TQ that I bought few years ago using with the recent X10SRH deal. 8 bays connected to the SAS3 and another 8 to SATA. It was a royal pain. I thought of removing the fan...