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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    More news about the red plus models: Western Digital is trying to redefine the word “RPM” It seems that these red plus drives are 7.2k rpm models and not 5.4k rpm, consuming more power and running hotter...
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    NVME vs SAS - real world 'homelab' findings

    Open Crystaldiskmark directory, go to CdmResource\DiskSpd, open cmd.exe and run diskspd64.exe with these parameters: diskspd -b4K -c20G -d120 -L -o8 -r -Sh -t4 -w20 testfile.dat This will create a 20GByte file, use (aligned) 4 KByte for reads & writes, run for 120 seconds, with a queue depth of...
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    NVME vs SAS - real world 'homelab' findings

    With a 1gb file you're benchmarking the raid controllers ram, not the ssds...
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    40G networking (file copy still slow)

    Did you try a tool like robocopy? What ramdisk software did you use? (I tried an open source solution a few years ago and the performance was worse than an actual iodrive2)
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    Dell rack server

    BOSS means Boot Optimized Storage Solution ( It's a hardware raid 1 solution, you can do on the os whatever you want, this includes running a webserver. Is it a good...
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    Direct attach with MCX354A-FCBT

    I'm using different broadcom qsfp+ passive dac cables here without problems. Edit: I just saw that you linked to In the last two months there werde different posts that the cables did not work (lack of quality?). Try some cables from different brands (broadcom, ibm etc.)
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    I don't know how "enterprise" Asus gear differs from their consumer stuff, but on their consumer mainboards I had the impression that they lack quality control...
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    Recommend me a EE-ATX chassis

    I have that heatsink and while the fan can go up to 8.4k rpm it usually runs at less than 4k rpm and is quieter than all the system/chassis fans together (or the hdds in the 846b :D)
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    ASRock Rack 6 pin fan header

    Intel also used on their 1366 boards 6pin headers for fans. Non intel, 4pin fans would run at 100%...
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    epyc 1u nvme server

    Radian has nvram drives in u.2, they will probably annihilate (pcie) optanes in benchmarks and your budget...
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    Am I nuts? All Epyc boards have the socket turned 90 degrees.

    Have you looked at the active heatsink that @BlueFox mentioned?
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    Am I nuts? All Epyc boards have the socket turned 90 degrees.

    I'm confused now... What do you want to achieve? :D
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    Overheating problems with 2x Epyc 7742 in Define 7 XL 1TB/2TB RAM

    Put noctua industrial fans (2k rpm for a compromise between cooling and noise, 3k rpms for better cooling/stability) in that chassis
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    Am I nuts? All Epyc boards have the socket turned 90 degrees.

    Not wrong, just prosumer/atx (ram in front of the heatsink) friendly
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    EU: beaware ComputerSalg are selling Seagate Exos 7E8 drives which are marketed for CHINA only

    Are they cheap? Keep them, the drives don't know that they are not in china. Did you pay the full price/non grey market price? Return them and buy from an seagate approved partner/shop.
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    Cisco Nexus 5K...good deals on anything better?

    I used this command with EOS 4.18.x without problems to enable third party transceivers/dacs :D
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    AMD PSB Vendor Locks EPYC CPUs for Enhanced Security at a Cost

    Will amd offer a program to replace epyc cpus locked to certains oems?
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    Supermicro H12SSL boards listed on website

    Each card should run at the fastest speed it supports.
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    Supermicro 846 drive temps vs fan speed

    This is a picture of tray with the dummy in it:
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    H11DSi sudden restart crashing

    I don't know how well engineering sample cpus go with a rev. 2 board with a current firmware/bios.