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  1. cesmith9999

    looks like Intel is starting to catch up with AMD on PCIe Lanes

    Intel Cascade Lake Xeon W-3200 Launched: Server Socket, 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes Chris
  2. cesmith9999

    Is the main site having issues?

    I can get into the forums fine. But the main site on various articles stall at loading the page. Chris
  3. cesmith9999

    any idea how to add VPN client to Server 20016 Core/Hyper-v Core

    I am trying to get a single server off site to replicate a few VM's to as a DR plan. I have a Ubiquiti router running pptp and IPSEC VPN. what I found out the hard way is that the VPN client is not a feature that is installed on Server core and Hyper-V core. does anyone know of a way to...
  4. cesmith9999

    New version of Windows Server

    Windows Server 2019 coming later this year, out now in preview Chris
  5. cesmith9999

    Skylake-D Creeps Out on Intel’s Price List Chris
  6. cesmith9999

    need to power additional disks on Dell T130

    PicoPSU-80, 60W Power Kit I bought a Dell T130 for a friend. unfortunately Dell in its infinite wisdom, made the Power Supply very slimmed down/Proprietary. I want to have 4 3.5" drives and 6 SSD's in the chassis. however there is no normal power molex plug for connecting Y cables to. Any...
  7. cesmith9999

    broadcom to aquire brocade

    interesting... Chris
  8. cesmith9999

    Squeezing hyper-convergence into the overhead bin, for barely $1,000/server: the story of Project Kepler-47 I was walking through technet one day... Chris
  9. cesmith9999

    1U High Density Storage Server | Inspur interesting thing came across my desk today... Chris
  10. cesmith9999

    3 network site setup help

    I am looking at revamping a friends business setup. he is not very keen on "cloud solutions". What I am looking to do is a 3 network site setup. Main site: his business. have a router that does both VPN server and IPSEC-Site 2 site. Remote site 1: this is his personal home. I would like 1...
  11. cesmith9999

    great S2D deployment Guide Chris
  12. cesmith9999

    Windows Server 2016 coming in September, with new servicing for Nano Server Chris
  13. cesmith9999

    myNAS - from backblaze B2 mailer

    Download MyNAS | MyNAS Thoughts? Chris
  14. cesmith9999

    interesting MB from JetWay

    Jetway Intel 6th Generation i3/i5/i7 Motherboard w/ 8 x Intel GbLAN expandable to 12 Intel GbLAN, HDMI, Motherboard Mini-ITX - router anyone? Chris
  15. cesmith9999

    cool M.2 adapter

    PCI Express Carrier Board for M.2 SSD modules - Amfeltec Chris
  16. cesmith9999

    ebay/Newegg - Adata 960 GB SSD under $200

    ADATA Premier SP550 2.5" 960GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ASP hot? warm? Chris
  17. cesmith9999

    new BackBlaze STorage Pod 6.0

    Open Source Storage Server: 60 Hard Drives 480TB Storage New Version - big difference. 60 disks in 4U. deeper - juts out the back. Can we do a 3U version with 196 (4 rows) -125 (5 rows) of 2.5" disks using SAS backplanes. would there be an advantage? Chris
  18. cesmith9999

    RDCMAN - new version 2.7

    Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7 from Official Microsoft Download Center This is the link to an indispensable tool in my arsenal here at work. Enjoy Chris
  19. cesmith9999

    EMC Releases Data Domain Virtual Edition | - Storage Reviews I thought this would be interesting. Chris
  20. cesmith9999

    all I can say is "What are they thinking?" ...

    SQL Server for Linux coming in mid-2017 Chris