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    FS: US - Lab Consolidation Sale

    Arista 7124S 24 port 10gb - $200 Supermicro 6029U-E1CR4 - 4x64GB - 2x Intel xeon gold 6139 - $1500 6x HGST HUSMM8040 400GB SAS3 SSD - $50ea - EMC Firmware Powercolor 6800 Red Dragon - $400 RX580 8gb - $200 qnap ts328 -...
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    Looking for some DDR4 to stand up some new hosts in lab. Preferably looking for 32 or 64GB DIMMS
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    LSI 9361-8i ESXi 6.7u3

    I have been trying to figure out what the management strategy is for a controller like this under ESXi. I have not been able to get any status information from the controller aside from through the BIOS. I have heard LSI LSA is the way to do this, the utility discovers the host but lists no...
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    FS - Disks, Supermicro, memory, MISC

    $100ea - 20x - H7280A520SUN8.0T - ~870 days runtime - Clean health reports $350ea - 2x - SBE-710Q-R90 Supermicro Blade Chassis $200 - Dell M1000E $200 - HPE C7000 with 2x 10gb Virtual connect module $200 - Intel Optane 900p 280GB AIC- SOLD $8ea - 24x -8GB 2Rx4 PC3L-10600R $500 - Alienware Alpha...
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    New 3par for homelab

    ooking for someone that may have done this before because I am not sure what I am overlooking in the documentation. I have installed the VSP OVF version, I cant seem to reach the management page listed in the documentation. I also cannot login to the appliance with and of the...
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    Intel speedstep/turbo boost

    Looking to gather a better understanding what occurs here at a low level. If a server has been set to high performance mode in the bios I would expect that turbo boost is then disabled as its dependency speedstep is disabled?
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    Performance troubleshooting.

    Hello all, Looking for some thoughts on some odd array performance I have seen when building out a new box. I am running ZoL as a VM in ESXi currently with the array controller passed through. The VM has 16 CPU's and 24GB of memory. I recognize 24GB is not enough for an optimal setup but I was...
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    VMworld this year

    Anyone on here going to be there?
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    FS - 8TB disks - GPU's - Supermicro 72Bay Chassis

    Have an excess of hardware at the house and the time to start selling some of it off. All prices include shipping within the US unless otherwise noted. Typically use paypal for payments All disks have about 8 months of use running in an air conditioned environment. DISKS $170ea - 12x Seagate...
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    Which disks for new array?

    All, I currently have 24 8TB disks of 3 different models. I am trying to determine which ones best fit the needs for a home NAS. The Seagates are by far the fastest on paper but are also the most expensive. I figured I could test them in 8disk z2's to get a benchmark of how each different disk...
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    WTB 8/16GB DDR4 RDIMM's

    Looking for a pair of 8 or 16gb DIMM's Will also have 8x64GB DDR4 LRDIMM's being sold in their place if anyone is interested. Hynix DDR4 4Rx4 PC4-2133P HMAA8GL7MMR4N-TF. These will be $550 per DIMM
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    HPE Part 736939-B21

    Does this disk look like an Intel P3700? I hate trying to find meaningful information on OEM disk's
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    SSD causing APD in ESXI host

    I had a samsung SSD that kept causing issues in one of my hosts. I have removed the disk to check the current state of the disk, the disk doesnt look all that bad to me. Since it kept crashing the host I am unsure of what to do with it now. Little bit confused as to how this seemingly fine disk...
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    Bang for buck v4 ES proc

    I know many of you here have run ES processors. I have a new server coming in with 2620v4's and had thought maybe by using ES procs I could get quite a bit more bang for the buck. The motherboard will be a Supermicro X10DRH-iT.
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    I just got some new HGST 8TB SAS3 disks. The drives were used for 2 weeks for a POC. All drives have a manufature date of FEB 2016. All of them are showing 24K POH's somehow, it would not be possible for them to have more than say 15K hours on them even if the description wasnt true and they...
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    Intense Coin CPU Mining

    Has anyone looked at this or seen how it compares to XMR or AEON?
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    Mining Shitshow

    It has been requested by a few poeple that I share some pics from my mining shitshow. Full disclosure this space is a complete disaster and makes me cringe when I see it. That being said I put all this together for it to make money not look good, and it has made the money. All the rigs are...
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    Intrigued Trying to understand "the point"

    I feel like I have a vague idea of what those of you that experiment with deeplearning/AI are doing. At the same time I am struggling to understand what it is that you are doing? Is there any good reads on better understanding some of the basics? The how's and why's of playing with these new...
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    WTB Supermicro SC847 24 bay SAS2 or passthrough backplane

    Does anyone have a spare backplane they are willing to sell?
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    Force ashift=12

    I am working on a new freenas server but notice that my drives Hitachi HUA72303 are using 512b E. Due to this the pool is being created with ashift=9. Since it is highly likely that disks get swapped at some point I am trying to figure out how to force these to use ashift=12 to avoid headache...