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    M.2 to SFP+/10gbe copper adapter

    Nice find @ BlueFox. ...Marvell AQtion Ethernet Controller looks nice for 2280 size slot. But 'ouch' for price, $175 ! is link:
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    Thank You :)
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    Good point on power use. ...If you don't mind me asking, where are you getting your 18tb helium sata for 215 usd?
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    Trick to recognize NVME

    My M600 took SATA version of M.2 SSD, is working fine under Windows 10 Pro. ...I think issue is that these M600's do not support NVME M.2 SSD, as @Sean Ho alluded to above.
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    Seller was honest and replied that these are engineering samples.
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    [US-WA] 4-Node Supermicro x10 Server - $400 - Local Pickup

    If you were closer to New Mexico or shipped, would be sold for at this good price - GLWS :)
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    Package arrived with excellent packing - great seller & STH member! Thank You BlueFox :)
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    I would like if not already spoken for. ...You have mail:)
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    ASRock Rack 1U2E-C252 Intel Xeon E-2300 1U Server Review

    Hi Patrick, Thank You for another intriguing review for STH fans. ...You are spot on with your recommendation to give up antiquated CD-ROM slot, and go with 4x2.5" drives. Maybe add a pair of 10gbe SFP or RJ45 ports too for that vacant 2 X RJ45 area while they are at it;). Best Regards, ABQ :)
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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    Looks like first specific N5105 purchase from WooYi Store, and chance for informal review/feedback, will be from @yxman (ordered one in above thread post;). edit: Aliexpress 'Honor Box Store' , seems to have same WooYi model & case @ 146.73US $ 30% OFF|G30B 11th Gen N5105 Soft Router 4 Intel...
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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    Thank You for your help & gracious answer. ...I should have realized that is a serial comm port. I must be tired or some other lame excuse;).
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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    Hello ywman & ReturnedSword, I greatly appreciate your experience & links for these firewall boxes. ...Would you have time for a few questions, that I think other would benefit from as well? ...I am not sure about the various AliExpress models, and see folks have mixed opinions on the various...
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    SFP+ cards with ASPM support?

    Nice catch, with real results & analyses! Thank You for sharing info on this popular Mellanox CX312A card.
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    FS: Samsung 32GB 2Rx4 DDR4 2400T and Intel Ethernet 10G 2P X550-T2

    Hello, I'll take both sets of DDR4 2400T sticks, if still available. PM sent. Thx Much, ABQ :)
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Fast response from BlueFox! ...Looking forward to this for a pfsense build - Thank You BlueFox:)
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I'm interested, PM inbound :)
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    eMMC Friendly Linux OS & Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client

    @zer0sum, Thank You for your help & suggestion to drop GUI. ...I am definitely more comfortable with a GUI approach, but GUI is not absolute necessity. Yes, I do like Debian based linux distros too:). I have Ubuntu Server on my short list for 'No GUI' options. I have also thought about...