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    SC846 mount vertically against wall ?

    Hi, I have a Supermicro SC846 case and am looking for a method to attach it safely to a concrete wall. The server needs to be vertical : front facing down. I've seen Startech's 4U bracket but that would require the case to have its front facing towards the ceiling which isn't good for the...
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    Napp-it & ESXi question

    Hi Guys, I'm in the process of setting up my all in one napp-it server but am uncertain about the version of ESXi I should run. I'm aware of the ESXi 5.5u1 NFS bug aswell as e1000 issues but also know that patches have been released : Source: napp-it // webbased ZFS NAS/SAN appliance for...
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    ZFS on an Open-iSCSI LUN in VMware

    Hi, I've been designing a new storage + virtualisation solution for my home over the last few months and am very interested in the features ZFS provides. However I don't like not being able to add a drive to an existing ZFS pool and have been looking for a way round that issue... I believe I...