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  1. Oxzhor

    SnapRAID + mergerFS cannot ftp

    Hi All, I setup a SnapRAID v11 server with mergerFS on centos 7. /etc/fstab # SnapRAID Data Disks /dev/disk/by-id/ata-HGST_HDN724030ALE640_PK1447P9K8B63X-part1 /mnt/data/disk1 xfs defaults 0 2 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-HGST_HDN724030ALE640_PK1452P9K88MZY-part1 /mnt/data/disk2 xfs defaults 0 2 #...
  2. Oxzhor

    CentOS 7 xfs resblks

    Hi All, I trying at my CentOS 7 64-bit on xfs file system to reserve 15GB space on disk1 and disk2. With the follow command: xfs_io -xc "resblks 15360" /mnt/data/disk1 xfs_io -xc "resblks 15360" /mnt/data/disk2 Output: reserved blocks = 15360 available reserved blocks = 15360 Df -h...