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  1. spyrule

    i need help with vlaning

    Thanks guys. I completely forgot that tagging on the device requires tagging entirely. Your solution was easier and it worked as expected. Thanks again!.
  2. spyrule

    i need help with vlaning

    Ok, So I have a bunch of Dell R620's, and I'm trying to segregate my idrac and management stuff into a vlan numbered 555, my normal corp vlan is 10. I'm re-using an older dlink DGS-1210-28 just to manage a few of these vlans. On my Dell idrac's I have tried setting the dedicated idrac port to...
  3. spyrule

    Dell business laptop quality issues?

    Hello Guys, I'm just curious if any of you who manage large volumes of Dell Laptops have experienced a sudden drop in Quality in their 5x00 series laptops in the past few years? We have a split of 5400/5700 series laptops, and ALL of them have problems with over-heating, sudden failures...
  4. spyrule

    Synology DSM 7 - iSCSI vs NFS on vmware?

    Hello guys, So I know in the past that Synology had problems and performance issues with iSCSI. Supposedly that has been resolved, but I cannot for the life of me, find anybody that has actually tested this. I am in the process of setting up an SA3400 48TB (12x4TB) with 800gb NVMe Cache...
  5. spyrule

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    So I ordered the Microtik, changed my mind and cancelled the order, but they had already shipped it. So I guess I'm going to try the Microtik and see how it goes. Worst case, I get performance issues and order the other two switches anyway. Now i just need to figure out with DSM 7 if I should go...
  6. spyrule

    (SOLD) FS: US- Beauty and the Beast $25K

    well considering the CPU's alone are ~2500 each, I'd say you left a lot of money on the table.
  7. spyrule

    (SOLD) FS: US- Beauty and the Beast $25K

    Yeah, this was at my place of employment (my wife would literally kill me if I spent $25k on a server). Yeah, this was just for some vm hosting requirements. I only looked at the 7525 because when i priced it out, it worked out to be cheaper per core then some of the comparable intel boxes...
  8. spyrule

    (SOLD) FS: US- Beauty and the Beast $25K

    I literally almost purchased one of those 7525's 2 months ago, but realized for the price (and my needs), I could get a whole bunch of previous gen servers (6 in fact) for less money then that single server. still an amazing deal.
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    The truth about CPU power consumption

    Do you realize this thread was from 2010?
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    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    Changed my mind. I do like the idea of buying 2-3 enterprise grade switches, and for the cost without a warranty/support contract. Luckily, I have until ~Dec to work out any issues. If they fail, then I'll buy the CRS or Unifi's aggregation switch (tbd).
  11. spyrule

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    First: I have zero need for additional 1Gb ports. Only SFP+ 10Gig. So to be clear, I really dont plan on doing any routing between vlans or anything else on this device. All routing will be performed by my router (Fortigate 201E). This includes any inter-vlan routing, etc. I dont need IGMP, or...
  12. spyrule

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    Yes, sorry, I dont want a screamer. It is going into an IT closet in the middle of an office, so not too loud if possible. Power is of no concern though. Original post updated.
  13. spyrule

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    Hello, So I'm looking for a 12+ port SFP+ 10G Switch (Basic switching, with vlan tagging). Preferrably not too loud. Not worried about power consumption or heat. I'm currently looking at the Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM . It is going to run as a 10Gig switch between 6 total ESXi boxes (3 prod...
  14. spyrule

    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    My first thought is, how is your esxi vlan setup configured?
  15. spyrule

    SFF Windows server OS certified?

    So in the end, I ended up buy a set of SuperMicro SYS-5019S-L servers with E3-1225v6 CPUs. I should have baught the 5019S-ML for having m.2 on the motherboard, but the cost difference wasn't worth it. I puchased 2 $15 pcie to M.2 cards (these are super low profile, don't even have a bracket...
  16. spyrule

    SFF Windows server OS certified?

    mods: Feel free to move this if I'm in the wrong thread... I'm in the hunt for a decent quality SFF (read: as small as possible), server that is either Windows server 2012 R2/2016 certified (ie: there is server drivers supported), or vmware esxi certified. It does NOT have to be super...
  17. spyrule

    Recommendation on how to setup a central Lets Encrypt server for internal domain?

    Hey, So this is something that I've been meaning to get to forever, and now that Let's Encrypt supports wildcard SSL Certs, Id like to setup a central linux box that I can setup, to generate the Main Certificate that I can use to secure my servers (all intranet based servers). Id like to...
  18. spyrule

    Taming the C6100

    I purchased the Noctua's with the extension cable, and I flipped the pins on the extension cable. This way it worked without issue, but also left the fans in stock form so I could re-use them in the future. I just labeled the extension as re-pinned so I would know the future not to use it as a...
  19. spyrule

    Looking for recommendations: QUAD WAN router?

    Hello, So I'm helping a friend setup a new business (driving simulators, game platforms etc). At the store location, they have no other internet option except a max 25/10 DSL. We'll obviously need more bandwidth than that, so we are looking at 4 total connections and then aggregating them...
  20. spyrule

    (Update 04-25) DFI DT122 (AMD RX-427BB) Industrial ITX T730-a-like; $99 shipped w/ 8GB

    Quick question, really considering one of these... how would this box do running Kodi ?