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    A1SAi-2750f DC power

    does the Supermicro A1SAI-275f require a power board to make use of the 4pin Dc input,or can I just plug the 4pin DC cable straight in to the board? I'm planning on useing the Supermicro sc101i itx case.
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    Eaton 5px ups

    Is anyone using an eaton 5px ups? Can you tell me what the power draw is like under no load with full batteries? I currently have an apc 2200 which has broke and I'm looking to replace it with something more energy efficient. My apc draws around 120 watts under no load with full batteries, which...
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    recommend me a low power cpu for x8sil -f

    Could someone recommend me the the most power efficient cpu for a supermicro x8sil-f motherboard. Performance isnt an issue purely power efficiency. This system will be running pfsense only. The l3426 and l3406 are out of my price range, unless anyone knows a good deal. How does the celeron...
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    Looking for an internal fan controller

    Ive turned one of my supermicro sc846 cases in to a jbod enclosure, i have the fans connected to the sas backplane but there is no way to adjust the fan speed, so they are on full power and noisy all the time. So can anyone recommend an internal fan controller that supports at least 5 x 4 pin fans?
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    HP SAS Expanders Daisy Chained

    Can anyone tell me if this will work. I want to use 2 hp expander cards one in each supermicro sc846 case.Case one will have 2 x ibm m1015 cards and the sas expander, case 2 will just have the sas expander connected to 24 drives. I will then connect them both together using the external sas port...