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  1. spyrule

    i need help with vlaning

    Ok, So I have a bunch of Dell R620's, and I'm trying to segregate my idrac and management stuff into a vlan numbered 555, my normal corp vlan is 10. I'm re-using an older dlink DGS-1210-28 just to manage a few of these vlans. On my Dell idrac's I have tried setting the dedicated idrac port to...
  2. spyrule

    Dell business laptop quality issues?

    Hello Guys, I'm just curious if any of you who manage large volumes of Dell Laptops have experienced a sudden drop in Quality in their 5x00 series laptops in the past few years? We have a split of 5400/5700 series laptops, and ALL of them have problems with over-heating, sudden failures...
  3. spyrule

    Synology DSM 7 - iSCSI vs NFS on vmware?

    Hello guys, So I know in the past that Synology had problems and performance issues with iSCSI. Supposedly that has been resolved, but I cannot for the life of me, find anybody that has actually tested this. I am in the process of setting up an SA3400 48TB (12x4TB) with 800gb NVMe Cache...
  4. spyrule

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    Hello, So I'm looking for a 12+ port SFP+ 10G Switch (Basic switching, with vlan tagging). Preferrably not too loud. Not worried about power consumption or heat. I'm currently looking at the Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM . It is going to run as a 10Gig switch between 6 total ESXi boxes (3 prod...
  5. spyrule

    SFF Windows server OS certified?

    mods: Feel free to move this if I'm in the wrong thread... I'm in the hunt for a decent quality SFF (read: as small as possible), server that is either Windows server 2012 R2/2016 certified (ie: there is server drivers supported), or vmware esxi certified. It does NOT have to be super...
  6. spyrule

    Recommendation on how to setup a central Lets Encrypt server for internal domain?

    Hey, So this is something that I've been meaning to get to forever, and now that Let's Encrypt supports wildcard SSL Certs, Id like to setup a central linux box that I can setup, to generate the Main Certificate that I can use to secure my servers (all intranet based servers). Id like to...
  7. spyrule

    Looking for recommendations: QUAD WAN router?

    Hello, So I'm helping a friend setup a new business (driving simulators, game platforms etc). At the store location, they have no other internet option except a max 25/10 DSL. We'll obviously need more bandwidth than that, so we are looking at 4 total connections and then aggregating them...
  8. spyrule

    Anybody know of a small 4-5 port GIG with 48v PoE ?

    I just need a small Gigabit switch (unmanaged) with 4-5 ports that includes PoE that works with a Unifi Cloud Key (48v 802.3af)? I'd buy a Unifi 8 60W, but in Canada they are still stupid expensive ($150). I'm hoping someone knows of something that is less than $100 preferably. Thanks in advance.
  9. spyrule

    Mellanox ConnectX-2 in SFP mode?

    Hey guys, I currently have a NAS that is connected to my network via a Quanta LB4M switch, using SFP+ fiber connects. Since setting this up, I have mostly dismantled my home lab (simply don't need it), and I'm looking to switch most of my home network to Unifi configuration. I'm looking at the...
  10. spyrule

    If you had to pick an antivirus/anti-malware tool, which would you choose?

    Current company that I just took IT management control of (there was no prior management, just a cheap company plugging things in) has been using Eset security, but I'm not 100% convinced its worth the cost (and its up for renewal in 3 weeks). We havn't had issues, but were about to merge with...
  11. spyrule

    How good is Ubiquiti's Security Gateway compared to Sophos UTM?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running Sophos UTM 9 for my firewall/gateway at home, and for the most part, it works great. However, I'd like to switch my Wifi to Ubiquiti's APs, and I'm considering the Security Gateway Pro device as well to make it all more easily managable. My only concern is that...
  12. spyrule

    Does anybody know of a deduplication software for one-time deduplication (and consolidation) ?

    I have a NAS that has... a whole bunch of copies of the exact same files all over the place. I would like to find all duplicate files, list them, and consolidate those files. None of these files are system level files, so deleting exact matches won't be a problem. Does anybody know of...
  13. spyrule

    What hard drive caddys that will fit a C6100 LFF chassis ?

    I'm trying to find 10-12 3.5" Hard drive caddies for a C6100 chassis however, it seems eBay wants crazy amounts per empty sled. However, I have found deals on other Dell chassis sleds, and I'm wondering if they will fit. I know the stock sleds are Dell 8TV68 / T305P sleds, but I'm wondering if...
  14. spyrule

    Can you "splice" a fans speed sensor to more than one connection?

    Hello, So I've recently revived an older Dell DCS 6005 server as a temporary hold in for a failed NAS, until we can budget for a proper NAS. In the interim, I've modified the chassis, took out 1 whole sled, cut the Top lid to accept 1 140MM Noctua ippc-3000 fan pointed down at each sled, and...
  15. spyrule

    WTB: Dell C6105 Hard Drive Caddies.

    Found, no longer needed!
  16. spyrule

    Can someone suggest a cheap chassis for a nas?

    Hello, I have been using a Dell 2950 as a Xpenology NAS for the past 2 years, sadly, the backplane seems to be dying slowly. (So far one drive port has gone bad, replacement backplanes are ~$50-70 on ebay). So I figure, instead of investing money in old hardware, I'll upgrade it somewhat and...
  17. spyrule

    Can a Win10 Home license from a compute stick be moved to other hardware?

    I'm looking at a local lenovo compute stick (atom based) that comes with a Win10 License, however I want this stick to use linux, but I have another PC that could use the Win 10 license. Does anybody know if I can transfer the Win 10 Home license to other hardware?
  18. spyrule

    Last one.. LB4M for $90?

    I was watching the prices on these lately, and they kept creeping up (most were now at ~170-200 US). Then this showed up, I grabbed one, one left: Refurbished Quanta LB4M 10GB Uplink Switch Single Power Supply Discounted
  19. spyrule

    Anybody know how to set APC vendor specific cookie in windows DHCP?

    So, I'm trying to setup an APC AP9617 NMC card for my UPS, and its being a pita to get it to DHCP an address. Turns out I need to set a Vendor Specific Info in my DHCP for it to actually get an address. The problem, is that I cannot for the life of me, figure out what exactly I need to put in...
  20. spyrule

    Direct connection between NAS and ESXi?

    I'm wondering if someone can point me on how to setup a direct fiber connection between my ESXi 5.5 box and my NAS (Synology box with a 10Gig connection). I have physical connectivity already, I'm just trying to setup the connection so that all of my VMs storage uses the 10Gig, and then have all...