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  1. JustinH

    12 Node, 24 Drive Bay, LCD with BMC in 3U Case with 10G Switch

    Hi All, I thought you all might like this Build I just finished. Build’s Name: Operating System/ Storage Platform: Linux (armbian) CPU: 6 x NanoPI M4v2, 5 Raspberry 3 CM+, 1 RK3399 Development Board with 7" LCD and 4G/LTE Uplink Chassis: intel p4400 Drives: 3 x 8 2.5" Bay SATA Icydock...
  2. JustinH

    What Keyboard are you using?

    So I've been using a Logitech Dinovo for a while. I love it. Unfortunately its dying on me, and Logitech don't make anything comparable (as far as I can see) anymore... so in search of a new keyboard. I'm not a huge fan of mechanical keyboards with a large amount of travel on the keys, and...
  3. JustinH

    News Bondnet Botnet mines Monero

    Have you guys seen this? New 'Bondnet' Botnet Mines Cryptocurrencies who ever is running that is probably a very happy man right now!
  4. JustinH

    Single vs Dual Ranks, Memory Channels...

    Hi All, So Im confusing myself and thought I'd post here for some clarifications. I'm considering getting a Intel H2216 chassis, and looking at Memory options. This is for E5 v2 CPU's, and each sled comes with 16 Dimm Slots. (two CPUs, four Channels/CPU, and two DIMMs/Channel) Now I've been...
  5. JustinH

    ISP and 10G Upgrade Thread

    Hi All, Posting here although its strictly not a server build, but slightly related. about 3 weeks ago, we had a PC show here in Singapore, and lucky for us, a lot of the ISP's are in a bandwidth war at the moment. They are all trying to out do each other with either high speeds, lower costs...
  6. JustinH

    Cisco Catalyst 4948-10GBe switch.

    Seems like a good deal $700 or BO
  7. JustinH

    Free VM Hosting!

    Hi, Not sure if any of you saw this - A guy has basically setup a oVirt Cluster at his home, some serious storage and nodes and is letting people sign up and host as many VM's as they like. A few caveats: Only IPV6 public addresses. IPV4 is a NAT address ( No Mail...
  8. JustinH

    Storage and Network Upgrade Advise

    Hi All, Long Time Lurker, first time poster. Looking for feedback on a upgrade I'm desperately in need of! Sorry for the long post, I wanted to get the background in place, so at least you have some idea of what my workload consists of. My Setup currently has 1 x Dell R510, 2 x Dell C6100...