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    Do you attach gear to a sheet of plywood in the basement?

    Do you attach gear to a sheet of plywood in the basement? About 15 years ago, in another city, I had a small sheet of plywood attached to the wall of the basement. It held the DSL modem, the network switch, and other small component related to my home network. Fast forward: I've just bought a...
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    R720 connector documentation wrong?

    I think my CD ROM is being powered by the Tape backup power connector, not the Optical drive connector. Either that or the documentation is wrong. Using the server service tag, the documentation leads to page 129 of When I...
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    NVMe using PCIe slots on X9DRE-TF+

    I plan to add two NVMe devices to my Supermicro X9DRE-TF+ m/b. Only one slot is filled now (SAS card). I was looking at the Samsung 970 EVO 250GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD and I'd get two of them. They would be used as a mirrored SLOG vdev in a ZFS zpool. In the m/b manual, I see this...
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    Suggestions for mounting 2.5" drives inside SuperMicro SC846 chassis

    I have a plan for mounting 4x SSDs inside an SC846 chassis (my previous post). All prices include taxes & delivery. The price is for everything to mount all 4 SSD, not per part. 1 - Get 2x MCP-220-84603-0N (Dual 2.5" fixed HDD tray kit for SC846) as mentioned on the 846E16-R1200B product home...
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    SuperMicro 846E16-R1200B replacing PLINK IPC-ML4U20-MSAS

    I have a PLINK IPC-ML4U20-MSAS with 20 HDD and 4 SSD, but lately I've grown tired of having to derack it to get into the case. It is on generic rails which don't pull out far enough to allow the top to come off. Rather than solve that problem, I decided to look at the 846 chassis after getting...
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    What power supply are you using with your Lian Li PC-D8000?

    I am planning to buy the Lian Li PC-D8000 case and install about 28 HDD into it. Those of you already running this case, what power supply are you using? I'm thinking an 800W PSU will be sufficient while powering an Intel Xeon E5-2630.