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    Tower case for that fits EE-ATX with at least 4 x 5.25" drives?

    Since buying a X9DRi-LN4F+ (last year) without considering the size of the it ( :rolleyes: ) I have been kicking around the idea that of instead of selling the board to replace my aging core i5 desktop since I am 100% work from home (software developer). That leaves me with the problem of...
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    Is there a 4 port version of an LSI 9207-8i ?

    I like the PCIe 3.0 LSI 9207-8i with the two SFF 8087 ports. My question is, is there a version that is double that, i.e. a PCI3.0 x16 card with 4 x SFF8087. Not finding anything googling around and I wondered if anyone here might know? The backplane on my server chassis accepts the 8087 cables...