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    Supermicro Motherboard Listing (Archived older Models)

    At least some current stuff seems to be available both from an old link and a new one. The old one can have fun things such as the BMC firmware link pointing to the system firmware page. And their own search function shows both types of links!
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    Flash/Crossflash DELL H330 RAID Card to HBA330/12Gbps HBA IT Firmware

    Since nobody's just edited the string to read "Dell", I take it the firmware image is signed with a key held by LSI and/or Dell?
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    How 'switchy' can PCIe switches be?

    And they have, for close to two decades now.
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    Datto Xeon D 1541 board -- $501.15 shipped + 6/8% ebay bucks for some

    Shouldn't be too difficult, just flip a flag to unhide the bifurcation settings menu. But I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Datto Xeon D 1541 board -- $501.15 shipped + 6/8% ebay bucks for some

    The datasheet for the Xeon D-15xx series (see here, section 5.2, page 84/82) states that both PCIe 3.0 root ports on the CPU (not to be confused with the PCIe 2.0 ports from the integrated PCH) can bifurcate down to x4/x4 and x4/x4/x4/x4. If the system firmware setup menu doesn't support this...
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    Dell HBA330 real world performance?

    Haven't tested to that extent, but expect to not be bottlenecked when not using expanders.
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    x3550 M5 Hard drive not detected

    Did you replace the cables as well, or switch them around?
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    Looking for a DAS or NAS solution for 4 or 8 U.2 SSD

    That's really not the sort of thing that goes well with "tight budget", and your description does not make much sense. Why do you need 4-8 NVMe SSDs only to then cram everything into 2.5 GbE?
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    PCI-SIG Starts Work on PCIe 7.0 for 2025 and Why it Matters for Servers

    Decreased immunity to noise and significantly more complex transceivers. Since the former is handled by better coding and error correction and the latter will get easier over time as adoption grows, I would not be surprised to see a hybrid PCIe version using the new tech at a slower symbol rate...
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    iXsystems X series chassis

    I was going to say that no video out was probably for the best, but then you said the IPMI LAN had been deactivated. That is short-sighted and frustrating.
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    Questions about JBOD shelf, ZFS and so on

    Pretty much. Although using two is conceptually possible, either for increased bandwidth or for multipath, that adds complexity that is often pointless. This is going to depend on the specific unit. The SAS2 stuff is getting old, but if it works, no reason to avoid it. As for bandwidth, the...
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    E5-2667V3 vs E5-2667V4

    In this case, it's actually more along the lines of <=2133 to 2400.
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    E5-2667V3 vs E5-2667V4

    As a reference, Xeon E5 v3 -> v4 brings a small (1-3%) improvement in IPC and support for faster DIMMs.
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    Nics with OCP 2.0 Type 1: (Connector A)

    I'm looking for information around this matter, too. As far as I can tell, Dell used these mezzanine cards on the single-socket Rome/Milan servers (R6515 and R7515) and the R740xd2 and they sure look like OCP NIC 2.0 form factor cards. But... Is there a mechanical change that makes regular OCP...
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    ASRock Rack PAUL IPMI Card

    Similar product from Asus that flew under my radar: IPMI EXPANSION CARD|Motherboards|ASUS Global They claim no compatibility outside of specific Asus motherboards, but that seems to be more a practical decision than the result of a different design.
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    PCIe 5.0: any adapters to PCIe 4.0 2x16 or to 8 NVMe Gen 4 SSD?

    If there's a silver lining, it's that with NVMe having gained a ton of traction, pricing on PCIe switches is going to be pressured down by competition, relative to the PLX-only world that most of the PCIe 3.0 generation saw.
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    zfs deduplication on BMP file

    This specific thing might even be the same over at Oracle ZFS, because it's an old feature. Could be wrong, though. For live video? I doubt it very much, there's a good reason motion vectors have been a thing since at least H.261 in the 80s.
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    zfs deduplication on BMP file

    It is ludicrously unlikely that 200 frames of live (i.e. not CG) video will share any blocks at all. This is not something that would ever work, even if ZFS deduplication were to become a fantastic feature some day. Nope, same thing everywhere.
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    zfs deduplication on BMP file

    No, you are mistaken. Most media is compressed, and most codecs have many options. But, unless you go around converting formats left and right and playing around, there's no impact on deduplication (which always sucks, by the way), because the same file, compressed the same way, with the same...
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    Win ZFS driver

    I still harbor hope that Microsoft might adopt the project following the demise of ReFS or whatever it was called. Stranger things have happened!