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    4-port 2.5Gbe PCI-E card?

    Hey there good folks! I was looking around but I couldn't seem to find a proper solution that fits my needs... I'm looking to get a 4 port 2.5GbE card, preferably with an i225v3 chipset. I'm aware of the pre-built cool little 4 port box from Aliexpress/Amazon that Patrick had reviewed (even...
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    10Gb/40Gb upgrade considerations - advice wanted

    Hi folks, I'm about to have my incoming WAN connection from my ISP upgraded to a 3Gb plan. The connection will be provided via SFP+ module into a router/switch of my choice My current plan is a 1Gb plan, coming in via SFP into a Ruckus ICX 7150 -> ESXi host -> pfSense The ESXi host specs are...
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    Looking to build a small-ish pfSense-box

    Hey folks, new to the forums but I've been watching the STH Youtube channel for a while. I've been running pfSense for just about over a year on my i5 6600k from within a full-tower case (ye-olden Thermaltake Kandalf LCS, but I've removed the liquid cooling). At first I was running pfSense on...