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    external frame for mounting gpus

    Hello, I have a dell t7610 within which i have mounted 3 gpus. Because of the cramped layout of the workstation innards, air cooling is inadequate and the cards overheat (>100C) and throttle. I would try using risers if i can find a way to reliably mount the gpus in a external frame (like...
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    Dell T7610: Second cpu not detected. Any suggestions?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone has anything to suggest about the following: Got a dell t7610 (second hand of course) for its four x16 pci slots sans cpus and sans ram. Also, I have two 2695v2 (SR1BA) and 8x16GB ddr3 rdimms @1600 with identical part number. Installing one of the cpus and all...
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    v2 server as workstation/desktop

    Hello, I am looking to being able to post-process something like 30-40 TB of big binary files (about 40-60GB each) with the possibility of graphical display (paraview) ie gpu for the display must be used. Speed of post-processing is not crucial but lots of memory channels (8) and 256GB ram...
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    HP ML350 G9 and non-HP memory

    Hello, I've acquired an ML350 G9 server and now I am looking to buy more memory - ~256gb. I was wondering whether non-HP memory sticks from other manufacturers will be ok (the installed set is intended to be from a single manufacturer.) A google search yielded one discussion with a 'no'/'yes...
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    EU Looking for: IVB-E CPU E5-2697 v2 and non-ecc ddr3 udimm @ 1600+ & 64gb+

    Any chance for desktop ddr3 in non-trivial amounts? 17-june-2020: added xeon E5-2697 v2 retail --
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    EU Price discovery : cpu & ddr4 for ASUS Z10PA-D16 WS

    Hello. I've comes across a new ASUS Z10PA-D16 WS with 3-year warranty for ~500 euro which seems reasonably ok. It remain to fill in the basic components. Sourced within the eu, 256GB ddr4 rdimm @ 2133 mh on ebay goes for 900 euro. For the cpus the object is to maximize double precision...
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    Q: Will Ubuntu 18.04/CentOS 7.6 install on HP ML350 G9 or Dell T7910?

    Hello. Has anyone any idea on the subject in the title? Net search is not reassuring on the title subject. This installation is the prerequisite of attempting to install the driver for 4 Radeon vii cards. --
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    EU Suggestions for fp64 sys: cpu+mobo+ram

    Hello, I would be interested in a stopgap system (mobo+cpu+ram) while I am waiting for amd to complete its zen2 rollout. I do not see getting anything new until sometime next year. Also, I have never dabbled with server parts, hence I am looking for suggestions if such can be made. Background...